Hacker News Highlights

by Y Combinator7/29/2016

Here are some of our favorite recent posts on Hacker News.

Excel: Error when CSV file starts with “I” and “D”

An original Excel programmer thinks a current bug may be his.


No grades, no timetable: Berlin school turns teaching upside down

A Sudbury School teacher from Baltimore comments on how Sudbury Schools work.


The Origins of the Domestic Blueberry

A HN user whose family owns a 50-acre pick-it-yourself blueberry farm outlines the changes that have happened as blueberries were commercially cultivated.


Ask HN: What did your ‘Show HN’ project turn into?

HN users recap how their projects turned out.


A Plan for a Long-Term Stock Exchange

The CEO of Shopify weighs in on taking his company public.


Ask HN: Considerations when asked to write a book?

The HN community weighs in with first-hand book publishing experiences.


In Memoriam: Roger Faulkner

ChuckMcM of IBM’s Watson group reflects on his time with Roger.


Ask HN: Insider history of the demise of Kodak?

Syzygies, whose father worked at Kodak, jumped in the thread.



Neonscribe on the origins of the unexec() function.


Building a software-defined radio from scratch

Lukas Lao Beyer, the radio’s creator, jumps in the thread.


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