Hacker News Highlights August to November 2018

by Y Combinator12/4/2018

Here are some of our favorite Hacker News comments from August to November.

If you see something cool like this, email us at hn@ycombinator.com so we can add it to the next list.

Listening to The Shipping Forecast as an English language self-assessment after moving to the UK.

A Semitic philologist comments on a neural network trained on Arabic morphology.

Ferrying twin engine aircraft to the newly formed Czech Republic.

The f.lux author comments on an article about blue light.

A 1980s Atari employee comments on the video game crash of 1983.

An author of What Makes Paris Look Like Paris? comments when the paper resurfaces six years after publishing.

Using a $250,000 computer for an undergraduate thesis.

A portfolio site that crashed computers running Internet Explorer on Mac OS Classic.

A HN user shares some bagpipe knowledge.

An unusually clear explanation of lambda lifting.

Developing Crash Bandicoot for PS1 and on the languages used.

A HN user stumbles across their own paper airplane website on the front page.

Remembering a powerful passage from Frank Capra’s autobiography.

A geologist arrives to set HN straight about a misleading piece of science journalism.

A Finnish HN user offers insider explanation for evidence of declining IQs in test scores.

A HN user on Brown Recluse spiders in their auto repair shop.

John Wheeler’s “nut” dating service.

A TV meteorologist experiences tech envy.

A thread on bad codebases ranging from war stories to horror stories.

A HN user is the chosen child for dumpling microbe inoculation.

First-hand insight into Southern European olive production.

A childhood with Victorian culinary trading cards.

A story about meeting Ricky Jay.


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