Hacker News Highlights: March 2017

by Y Combinator4/4/2017

Here are our favorite Hacker News comments from March.

One of the authors of The Unix-Haters Handbook joins a thread on the book.

HN Mar 17 1

The creator of war dialing program ToneLoc replies to a post about WarGames.

HN Mar 17 2

On this Haskell post a HN user shares their thoughts on why many research efforts on object oriented vs procedural programming draw similar conclusions.

HN Mar 17 3

Pink Floyd’s recording console is for sale and a HN user’s father is the person who installed it.

HN Mar 17 4

HN users reminisce about their ZX81s.

HN Mar 17 5

A HN user whose family runs a telescope mirror business replies to a post on mirror grinding.

HN Mar 17 6

A programmer turned bus driver turned programmer replies to a post about someone going from programming to bus driving.

HN Mar 17 7

The son of the Rolling Fluid Turbine inventor comments on a post about inventing the turbine.

HN Mar 17 8

The University of Tokyo’s entrance exam for math was shared and someone who once took the exam replied.

HN Mar 17 9

Tardigrade researcher’s colleague turns out to be an HN user

HN Mar 17 10


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