Hickory (YC S15) Helps Employees Retain What They Learn During Training

by Alexis Ohanian7/31/2015

Launching this week out of our current Summer 2015 class, Hickory is a startup that’s created an app to help employees remember what they’ve learned during their initial training.

According to Hickory, some 70% of employee training is forgotten within five days. Hickory has developed an algorithm that can predict when each employee will forget what
they’ve learned, and sends them targeted quizzes and exercises to ensure that their on-the-job knowledge stays fresh and up to date. At the moment, Hickory is targeted primarily at companies with sales and customer service teams.

Business Insider’s Nathan McAlone wrote about Hickory in a story published today:

“Hickory breaks the knowledge you have to retain into ‘cards’ and
continually arranges them in the optimal manner, refreshing your brain
with small quizzes every day. These quizzes take about 3 minutes per
day, or 15-20 minutes over the course of the week, and have proven
effective for remember job training details, according to [Hickory founder Brian] Tobal.

So how does Hickory know when you will forget something? Tobal says the program tracks various data points, like how long you
spend reading the information, your track record on answering questions
related to it, and what you rate your ‘confidence level’ at.”

Read more about Hickory and how it works in Business Insider here.


  • Alexis Ohanian