Hiring for Basic Income

by Matthew Krisiloff2/22/2017

We’re closing in on a final design for our basic income study. We’ve delved deep into the research–seeking advice from experts, working on logistics, and consulting with people and institutions involved in similar projects. We’re going to release a draft of the research design in a few months, and we hope you’ll give us your feedback before we implement it.

Right now though, we’re hiring an additional researcher. We’re looking for a Research Manager to oversee operations for the larger-scale study. This person will help shape the final research design and contribute extensively to the analysis and reporting.

This is a full-time position, and it’s really important that this person have experience coordinating and managing complex research projects and designing and conducting surveys. This person will be the fifth member of the basic income team at YC Research, and will work closely with external academics and advisors helping with the research. If you are interested and would like to help, please apply here.

And to share a small update, we filmed a discussion with Craig Cannon. See below if interested.

Note to any press that would like to talk to us: we really appreciate the interest, but we’re trying to stay heads-down focused on completing the study design. Please check back when we release our design draft publicly in just a couple of months!


  • Matthew Krisiloff

    Matt is the Director of Y Combinator Research.