Instructors for Startup Investor School

by Y Combinator2/16/2018

We recently announced our new, free course for seed investors called Startup Investor School. The course will kick off in Mountain View on Monday, March 5 and run through Thursday, March 8. The four-day class will have two lectures per day from 10am until 12pm and will be live-streamed for online viewing.

Today, we wanted to announce the extraordinary group of investors and Y Combinator partners who will come together with Geoff Ralson to teach the course. The team is listed below:

Sam Altman – YC President, founder of Loopt
Andy Bromberg – Founder / CEO CoinList, founder Sidewire
Paul Buchheit – YC Partner, creator of gmail and FriendFeed
Dalton Caldwell – YC Partner, founder of imeem and
Jeff Clavier – Founder of Uncork Capital, one of the first “super angels”
Ron Conway – Founder of SV Angel and the best known angel in the world
Elad Gil – Founder of Color Genomics and angel investor
Aaron Harris – YC Partner, Head of YC Series A program, and founder of Tutorspree
Carolynn Levy – YC Partner, inventor of the safe, and WSGR attorney
Kirsty Nathoo – YC Partner and CFO
Pejman Nozad – Founder of Pear VC and angel investor
Ali Partovi – Neo CEO, cofounder of, iLike, LinkExchange and angel investor
Michael Seibel – YC CEO, founder of and SocialCam
Andrea Zurek – Founder of angel investing team XG Ventures, former Googler

You can register for the course at by February 28. The course is free and accredited investors will get access to our online demo day for the Winter 2018 batch and most will be invited to come view the course in person in Mountain View.


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