Klarismo (YC S15) Uses 3D Scanning To Make A Model Of The Inside Of Your Body

by Alexis Ohanian8/3/2015

Launching out of our current summer class, Klarismo has developed a way to create 3D models of the inside of the human body to help people analyze and track their fitness goals and monitor their overall health.

Existing technologies that analyze body composition are able to tell a person’s overall body fat percentage with varying degrees of accuracy. Since Klarismo uses MRI technology to construct a full 3D model of the body, it can provide detailed and highly accurate volumetric measurements of both muscle
tissues and fat deposits.

TechCrunch’s Matthew Lynley wrote about Klarismo in an article published last week:

“Klarismo is an online service where users are able to take a much
deeper look at their body’s internal structure. It takes MRI scans and
other kinds of scans that people are getting already and then uses that
to build a 3D model of the person. That 3D model is then available
online, where users can take a look at how their bodies have changed
over time — from muscle growth and fat reduction to other things, like
what their spleen looks like.

… [Klarismo CEO Marcus] Foster had ended up in several bicycle accidents and also discovered
he had a tumor in his head. That made him question why he wasn’t able to
look at a more comprehensive set of data he was generating anyway.

‘Typically you get the scan done, a radiologist writes two sentences
about it, and then prescribes you some treatment basically,’ he said. ‘You usually don’t get to interact with the data much, even though
there’s amazing data about your body.’

Read the full story on TechCrunch here.


  • Alexis Ohanian