Rosebud AI

Make games at the speed of thought.

Rosebud is building the AI Roblox. We will make it 1000X easier for a community of game devs to create and enjoy the games of their dreams. ‍ We’re a team of PhD researchers, creatives and engineers building the generative AI platform to enable game creation at the speed of thought. We believe all media creation will be done via generative methods in a few years. We're building that future.

Jobs at Rosebud AI

San Francisco, CA, US / Remote
$60K - $180K
3+ years
San Francisco, CA, US / Remote
$50K - $180K
Any (new grads ok)
Rosebud AI
Team Size:10
Location:San Francisco

Active Founders

Lisha Li

Building Rosebud AI. Machine Learning PhD UC Berkeley, turned AI investor (principal @ Amplify Partners) turned founder.