Mimir (YC S15) Wants To Help Colleges Create Better Software Engineers

by Alexis Ohanian7/27/2015

Mimir is a startup launching out of our Summer 2015 class that’s addressing some of the most common challenges seen by university and college Computer Science programs. Mimir has created a platform that brings the Computer Science classroom online and automates key tasks such as grading and student feedback.

VentureBeat’s Ken Yeung wrote about Mimir in a story published today:

“Founded by Prahasith Veluvolu, Jacobi Petrucciani, and Colton Voege, Mimir enables professors to upload assignments each semester that students need to complete. Mimir will handle grading and then log the findings into a separate grade book system like Blackboard.
The platform also tracks which students may need more tutoring and
those who may be cheating or plagiarizing. Professors can set parameters
for students as well as configure projects so the system will know how to grade appropriately.

…For Veluvolu, the founding of the company is specifically something that
addressed his pain point: As a computer science student at Purdue
University, the speed at which instructors provided feedback was
frustrating. In all of his other courses, he said that it was automated
and fast, but not in the computer science department — ironically, that
one lagged behind.”

Read more in-depth about Mimir in VentureBeat here.


  • Alexis Ohanian