NetBeez (W16) Detects Network Problems Before They Affect End-Users

by Y Combinator1/29/2016

All too often, web companies only find out that they are suffering from a network slowdown or outage when they’re notified about it by users. By the time this has happened and their engineers can address the issue, they’ve already lost precious time, money, and possibly customer good will.

NetBeez is a startup launching out of our current Winter 2016 class that helps diagnose and detect network problems well before they affect your end users.

VentureBeat’s Ken Yeung wrote about NetBeez’s seed funding and the launch of its free monitoring platform in a story published this week:

NetBeez has developed a system it says lets companies be proactive in
identifying and resolving performance issues around enterprise
infrastructure and cloud applications. Today it has launched a free tier
version aimed at non-enterprise users and developer operations teams
with few locations.

…Founded in April 2013 by [CEO Stefano] Gridelli, chief technology officer Panickos
Neophytou, and chief operating officer Panos Vouzis, NetBeez utilizes
hardware sensors such as Raspberry Pi to monitor a company’s network.
Its goal is to reduce the amount of effort network administrators and IT
teams will need to fix an outage.

NetBeez deploys network monitoring agents that simulate a real user
on the network. By doing so, engineers and devops teams will be aware of
potential problems that could affect the end user. Information is
displayed on a browser-based dashboard so companies will know what needs

Read the full story in VentureBeat here.


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