PlanGrid and TigerEye Co-Founder Tracy Young on immigration, representation, and “the most important decision” in her life

by Greg Kumparak5/16/2023

TigerEye co-founder Tracy Young. The text reads "From nothing to $875M".

Where does your story begin? In Your Life: The Movie, what’s the opening scene?

For Tracy Young, it might start years before she co-founded PlanGrid — a company she’d later sell for $875 million. It might start years before she was born, even. On a crowded, repurposed fishing boat, as its captain tries to convince the crew of a nearby oil rig that, for the good of everyone onboard, the fishing boat needs to sink.

YC President and CEO Garry Tan recently sat down with Tracy to hear her story. Not the story of the day PlanGrid launched — but of the events in her immigrant family’s history that helped forge who she is, to shape the lens through which she views the world, and to instill in her some of what it took to ultimately become one of the most successful founders in recent history.

“My story isn’t unique to me. It’s not unique to my life. My story is literally everyone’s story in America, if you go back far enough.”

I don’t want to spoil any of her story — it’s absolutely one worth listening to. Find it embedded above, or on YouTube here.

  • Part I (0:40): “They were on the boat, starving by that point, at day eight… None of the coast guards wanted to pick them up; no one wanted hundreds of Vietnamese refugees.”
  • Part II (2:50): “It’s kind of crazy that the most important decision in my life was not made by me, it was made by my parents.”
  • Part III (6:05): “All of that fed into an image of what I thought leadership and founders looked like… At 18 years old, I didn’t think that looked like me. I know now that I was completely wrong about that.”

Want to hear more from Tracy Young? Find her on Twitter here. Her new startup TigerEye — which “tracks and predicts the future performance of a sales team” — shifted into early access mode just yesterday.


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