PlateJoy (YC S15) Delivers Fresh Food To Help You Meet Your Weight Loss And Health Goals

by Alexis Ohanian8/16/2015

Launching this week as part of our Summer 2015 class, PlateJoy is a delivery service focused on providing customized, local, healthy ingredients for meals tailored to each individual’s weight loss and lifestyle goals. 

PlateJoy has been providing a meal planning and fresh food delivery service since 2013. While in YC over the past several months, the company has renewed its focus more specifically on providing foods and meal plans that fit each customer’s lifestyle and fitness plans.

VentureBeat’s Ken Yeung wrote about PlateJoy and its new features in a story this past week:

“Starting today, it’s all about a directional focus towards weight
loss and health. Users can log in and fill out an online questionnaire
to receive personalized deliveries. It’s going to ask what your goals
are, if you have any specific diet you’re undertaking, is there a
specific weight you’re targeting, and more. Then, you decide when you
want the ingredients delivered.

Are you looking for food that’s low in carbohydrates? Perhaps gluten
free? Vegan? Kid friendly? All of these options and more are catered to
by PlateJoy.

The packages delivered by the company will have fresh ingredients,
delivered locally from Whole Foods, and with just enough packaging to
ensure that there’s no waste.

PlateJoy also uses a waste-reduction algorithm that will analyze
ingredients across all the order’s recipes in order to prevent
ordering more than needed for all your meals. There’s also a digital
pantry that will let you know what you have in the kitchen, how much,
and whether or not it’s still good.”

Read the full story on VentureBeat here, and read PlateJoy co-founder Christina Bognet’s Medium post about her 50 pound weight loss that inspired her to start the company here.


  • Alexis Ohanian