Powered By IBM Watson, ROSS Intelligence (YC S15) Is Like Siri For Legal Knowledge

by Alexis Ohanian7/28/2015

With each new law that passes or court ruling, the vat of legal knowledge in the world just keeps growing. Even the best legal scholar would have a hard time keeping abreast of it all — and the current search engines on products like LexisNexis leave a lot to be desired.

ROSS Intelligence is a startup in our current class that is leveraging artificial intelligence to help people power through legal research efficiently and accurately.

TechCrunch’s Kim-Mai Cutler wrote about ROSS Intelligence in a story published this week:

“Today, ROSS says that the market size for legal research software is
about $8.4 billion per year, given the roughly 1.3 million lawyers in
the U.S. and Canada.

‘There are thousands of laws are being published each day,’ said [ROSS co-founder Andrew]
Arruda, who spent several years in legal research. ‘But until recently,
have our computers have had a very superficial understanding of natural
language. ROSS pretty much mimics the human process of reading,
identifies patterns in text, and provides contextualized answers with
snippets from the document in question.'”

Read more in-depth about ROSS Intelligence and how it works in TechCrunch here.


  • Alexis Ohanian