Recommend a Founder for YC

by Y Combinator2/8/2017

Our goal at Y Combinator is to support as many great founders as possible, and we know that great founders can come from anywhere — any city, school, country or background. Companies in the Summer 2016 batch came from 16 countries and over 180 schools.

We want founders everywhere to know that YC is an option for them, and that’s where we could use your help.

YC is still a relatively small organization, considering the number of founders we support (over 3k). We meet potential applicants as often as possible, but the majority of teams we fund apply without ever talking to someone from the YC team.

They apply because they were encouraged by friends and mentors.

If you know someone working on a startup who we should encourage to apply for the Summer 2017 batch, recommend them here.

Applications for YC Summer 2017 are open now.


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