VOIQ (YC S15) Provides Companies With Call Center Services On-Demand

by Alexis Ohanian8/11/2015

VOIQ is a startup in our current class that has created a platform to allow companies of any size get call center services on-demand.

VOIQ’s platform, which functions like an “Uber for telemarketing,” makes it so that organizations such as Stanford University and companies such as AirBnB no longer have to build their own outbound call center or hire an internal team. Instead, VOIQ provides access to thousands of trained remote agents to make calls on their behalf. 

VentureBeat’s Ken Yeung wrote about VOIQ in a story published recently:

“While this may seem like just outsource telemarketing, there’s more
to it than that. VOIQ customers uploads a call script to the system and a
list of the people they want called. Based on the call campaign type,
the service will select call agents that best match those who needs to
be called, offering a more localized marketing approach.

Ricardo Garcia-Amaya, VOIQ’s founder and chief executive, told
VentureBeat that an algorithm uses psychoanalytic matching to help
determine if the agent and the call recipient have similar traits to
help make the interaction smoother — if you speak Spanish, for example,
you might receive a call from a bilingual call agent who lives in the
same town.”

Read more about VOIQ in VentureBeat here.


  • Alexis Ohanian