Flexport for India

Abridge is a digital freight forwarder for India. With Abridge, shippers (i.e. importers/exporters) can book freight, automate compliance documents, track shipments, and communicate with supply chain partners all in one place via Abridge's integrated online platform. 90% of freight logistics companies (i.e. the current alternative for shippers) still follow largely manual processes. By automating these processes, Abridge is helping companies with logistics activity in India run the modern supply chain of the future.

Team Size:2
Location:Mumbai, India
Group Partner:Brad Flora

Active Founders

Vidhi Vakharia

Vidhi Vakharia is the co-founder and CEO of Abridge. Previously she worked at Adobe where she developed advanced features such as handwriting recognition for Adobe's Document Cloud offerings. She earned a degree in Computer Science from Rice University. Vidhi likes building products that people like to use.

Vidhi Vakharia
Vidhi Vakharia

Company Launches

Hi, we’re Vidhi and Pradhith, and we’re super excited to introduce Abridge!

What is Abridge?

Abridge is an intelligent logistics partner for importers/exporters who want to ship freight into or out of India. We digitize the full shipment lifecycle (online freight booking, optimized container load plans, automatically generated compliance documents, and online communication channels). We make the lives of importers and exporters easier by:

  1. Providing shippers an online freight booker and record-keeper of all shipments.

  2. Saving shippers money (5-15%!) on every container shipped by providing them with optimized container stuffing plans and minimizing wasted space inside the container.

  3. Automatically generating all shipping compliance documents, thus saving shippers ~3-9 emails/shipment in co-ordinating manually generated documents.

  4. Decluttering shippers’ email, messages, and phone lines by providing a shared online workspace for all shipment related communications with easy and intuitive referencing to each shipment.

Whom is Abridge for?

If you import/export anything in India, what has been your biggest challenge when shipping goods? Click here to tell us!

Can you try Abridge?

Yes, we are currently open for shipments into and out of India! You can sign up here to digitize your India import/export needs!

How did we come to build Abridge?

My family has been exporting auto-parts from India to the US, France, and Germany for the last thirty years. Although the main business is manufacturing, managing shipping logistics is an unnecessarily high-touch, highly manual overhead in the business’ day-to-day operations.
Additionally, Pradhith and I also got to experience the tedious logistics around importing products into India while we developed our previous business — an e-commerce retailer in India. Other companies that were suppliers to our e-commerce retailer also said they faced the same issues!
A lot of these issues have digitization and automation solutions, so it’s unnecessary that every importer/exporter has to manage logistics as a separate, highly-involved project in addition to their actual business. Our goal is to be the digital logistics partner that we wanted to partner with when we were running our previous business.