AI receptionist for dentists

Arini is an AI receptionist for dentists that answers phone calls, and schedules appointments. Most dental appointments are scheduled over the phone by overworked receptionists who put patients on hold and miss a third of incoming calls. This costs clinics a 15% loss in revenue. Private equity investment fueled large dental groups to acquire thousands of clinics in the past few years. We are selling to these groups, since their clinics have a standardized tech stack. They’re also growing really fast - in just two years they will make up 40% of the US dental market. Dental is just the beginning.

Team Size:2
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Pete Koomen

Active Founders

Abdul Jamjoom

Co-founder at Arini. Previously, I was as an early engineer at Threads (enterprise communication) where I focused on search and AI products. Before that, I received my Bachelors in Computer Science from Harvard in 2019.

Abdul Jamjoom
Abdul Jamjoom

Rami Rustom

Building AI receptionists for dentists at Arini. Previously Eng + AI @ Threads. MIT CS 2021.

Rami Rustom
Rami Rustom

Company Launches

Hey everyone! We’re Abdul Jamjoom and Rami Rustom from Arini.


Arini is an AI receptionist for dental clinics that answers phone calls, and schedules appointments. The dental front desk is stretched thin, spending 80% of their time on the phone, yet still missing 35% of calls. Missed calls = missed revenue. Arini answers 100% of calls, 24/7.


Healthcare in the US is facing a massive staffing shortage, especially since COVID. It’s hard for clinics to find, train, and retain admin staff. As a result, the front desk is overworked and understaffed.

The dental front desk spends 6 hours a day on the phone but still misses 35% of calls. Each missed call is missed revenue.

Even though 80% of dental clinics have online scheduling forms, most appointments are still booked over the phone. Even if you book online, they’re going to call you back (go ahead and try it).


We built an AI voice agent that answers phone calls and books appointments. We plug into the existing software that dental clinics use and populate appointments on their calendar. We can also answer questions about insurance, billing, and anything else the patient needs.

We help practices increase revenue by booking more appointments. We also help them reduce their operating cost since they need to recruit, train, and retain fewer receptionists.


The team and how we landed on dental

We met in high school in Jordan, co-founded a start-up 2 years ago, and are always hacking together. Abdul studied CS at Harvard and was an early engineer at Threads, an enterprise communication tool, where he led search. Rami studied CS at MIT and joined Threads a year ago, and we both led Threads’ AI team, where we automated customer support, document feedback, notification triaging, and more.

We landed on the dental space after going door-to-door to dentists, shadowing them, and experiencing first-hand the challenges they faced. It was clear that the front desk was a bottleneck for increasing bookings, even though dentists in the US spend $7B a year on front desk staffing.

How you can help

  1. If you have a cleaning coming up, ask your dentist to book a demo with us
  2. If you know any multi-location dental groups or DSOs, send them our way

You can reach us at founders@arini.ai.