Streamlining LLM application management for enterprises

BricksAI is an open-source AI gateway that helps you manage how each of your services is calling different LLM providers. You can create API keys with rate-limits, spend-limits, and expiration dates, then use them to make requests to different LLMs. With our SSO dashboard, you also get (1) role-based access control, and (2) fine-grained metrics (e.g. cost, number of requests, tokens) over each API key.

Team Size:2
Location:San Francisco

Active Founders

Spike Lu

Emory University - Class of 2019 Senior Software Engineer at Unity Technologies - 2019 - 2022

Spike Lu
Spike Lu

Donovan So

Donovan So
Donovan So

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Tl;dr: Are you finding it difficult to track your LLM costs per project/user? Do you want to set a custom rate/spend-limit for each project/user?

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Hey everyone, this is @Spike Lu and @Donovan So! We're excited to share that we've launched BricksAI Cloud.

The Problem

A lot of enterprise features are still missing from today's LLM providers, particularly:

  1. there isn't a good way of controlling LLM spendings in a granular way (e.g. per user/project/env/feature etc.)
  2. there isn't a good way of monitoring LLMs in a granular way

But building an LLM wrapper in-house takes away valuable engineering time from shipping features that actually drive business value.

The solution

BricksAI Cloud is an open-core SaaS solution that protects and monitors your LLM usage. We're a proxy, so instead of using API keys from your providers, you'd create and use Bricks API keys that come with custom limits (e.g. expiry date, rate-limit, or spend-limit).

Demo video

We currently have official support OpenAI and Anthropic, meaning you’ll be able to accurately track your token usage and cost without any configuration. We also support integrations with custom models.

Over the past few months, we have streamlined LLM operations for a wide range of clients, including a late-stage sustainability tech startup, a major leadership training nonprofit, a top European travel agency, and multiple AI startups.

Now, we're opening up our tool to the world with the launch of BricksAI Cloud. We'd love to see how it can transform your GenAI stack.

The ask

  1. Star us on Github
  2. Create a free account and try us out today. Heads up: we require a 15-min account activation call, this helps us get to know your use case better. Don’t worry, it’s super quick and casual!
  3. Questions? Feedback? Feature requests? Book a call with us or email founders@bricks-tech.com.

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