The collaborative data platform.

Briefer helps data scientists and analysts build interactive visualizations and data apps using a Notion-like interface. Connect to your data sources, write SQL or Python, collaborate through comments and multiplayer editing, and run code in whichever compute environments you need.

Team Size:2
Location:São Paulo, Brazil
Group Partner:Aaron Epstein

Active Founders

Lucas da Costa

I'm the founder and CEO at Briefer. Previously, I worked as a senior software engineer at Elastic and led software engineering teams at an early-stage startup in London. I used to maintain large OSS projects like Chai.js and Sinon.js and contributed to many others, including Jest. As an author, I wrote "Testing JavaScript Applications," published by Manning. I've also spoken in more than ten countries, and my content has been voluntarily translated into more than seven languages.

Lucas da Costa
Lucas da Costa

Lucas Vieira

Lucas, is a software engineer and open-source enthusiast with a decade of experience, actively contributes to numerous open source projects. He used to maintain Chai.js, a popular JavaScript testing framework with 7.8k+ GitHub stars. As the former Head of Technology at Joga, he built a product from scratch, used by thousands in dozens of countries. Now, Lucas is the CTO of Ergomake, developing a product for developers to deploy preview environments for any stack.

Lucas Vieira
Lucas Vieira

Company Launches

**TL;DR: If you're using Jupyter Notebooks or have ad-hoc scripts and data apps, you should consider switching to Briefer ❇️. Briefer works like Jupyter Notebooks, but it runs in the cloud and is as pretty and intuitive as Notion. It allows you to create beautiful and in-depth analyses, visualizations, and data apps.**

Hi, we're Lucas da Costa and Lucas Vieira (the Lucas²), founders of Briefer.

We've built Briefer to help data scientists create analyses, visualizations, and data apps and share their work with others — including non-technical people!

🎬 Here's a demo 📹

You can use Briefer instead of writing messy notebooks, building unmanageable ad-hoc scripts, wrangling with SQL in limited BI tools, or going through the hassle of setting up the infrastructure for a data app.

⭐ Briefer is better than Jupyter or ad-hoc solutions because:

  • 💅 It looks way better and is 1000x easier to use — non-technical stakeholders will love it too.
  • 🤗 It's easy to share — just copy a link, no need to install dependencies or pull a git repo.
  • 💾 You can run SQL and Python in the same place — All SQL queries can be used as Pandas data-frames straightaway. No need to write custom wrapper libraries.
  • 🖥️ It's interactive — you can use text fields or dropdowns for viewers to provide input to your pages.
  • ⚡No Memory or GPUs? No problem — we can get you more powerful machines if you need them.
  • 👯 Real-time collaboration — you can see what others are doing if you're editing the same document, just like Google Drive.

⭐ Get started now ✨

➡️ Click here to book an intro call if you want to get started with Briefer ⭐

We move fast and we prioritize making customers happy over everything else - and we can help you build your first analyses and data apps. So, as a small team, there's a limited number of people we can onboard at a time - make sure to book a call as soon as possible to ensure we'll get you a spot.

If you have any other questions or comments, please email us at founders@briefer.cloud.

Other Company Launches

🧚 Ergomake - Deploy a staging environment for every pull request

Whenever engineers push changes, we deploy their entire application and send them a link.
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