Benchling for battery companies

Byterat is the modern cloud platform for battery data analytics in R&D and production. Byterat directly integrates with lab hardware, pulls data into one dashboard and analyzes it to unlock hidden insights connecting design to performance.

Team Size:6
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Jared Friedman

Active Founders

Penelope Jones

Byterat CEO. Previously PhD (Physics) at Cambridge

Penelope Jones
Penelope Jones

Company Launches

Tl;dr: Byterat is a data platform for battery engineers that lets them manage all their battery testing data in one place. We directly integrate with lab hardware, pull data into one dashboard and have built in predictive analyses including degradation forecasting.


  • Testing is the rate-limiting step in producing batteries for smartphones and electric vehicles, taking months per iteration cycle
  • Right now R&D teams and production lines use Excel spreadsheets to analyze their battery testing data, which is laborious, non-traceable, and error-prone
  • Troves of battery data are collected but not analyzed because they are in a non-user friendly format, meaning missed insights on battery degradation that could accelerate time to market


Byterat is the single source of truth for your battery data:

  • We eliminate manual data processing for battery engineers so they can focus on driving innovation instead!
  • We detect anomalies in real time, automatically generate reports and predict how each battery will degrade

Our ask to YC alumni:

We would be really grateful for introductions to

  • Battery scientists or engineers
  • Electric vehicle manufacturers

Please reach out to Penelope, Jin and Alpha at founders@byterat.io. Thank you!