Cash Flow Portal

Cash Flow Portal

Investment management platform for real estate

Cash Flow Portal is an investment management platform for real estate. We launched 5 months ago, and we have 6-figure ARR, growing 50% month over month, with 300 syndicators and 3,000 investors. We’ve grown quickly because I am a syndicator myself. Having raised $20MM for my own deals, I know how painful it is to manually prepare Docusigns, send wire instructions and wrangle investors. I also happen to be friends with 2,000 other syndicators just like me needing a solution for managing their investors. I’m not just a syndicator. I spent most of my career as an engineering leader at Lyft, Twitter, and Amazon. $20K ARR per syndicator gives us a $2B TAM. Having achieved my own financial freedom through real estate investing, our mission is to serve all real estate investors and help them achieve financial freedom.

Cash Flow Portal
Team Size:19
Location:Seattle, WA
Group Partner:Aaron Epstein

Active Founders

Perry Zheng

Perry Zheng is the founder and CEO of Cash Flow Portal, a modern real estate syndication software. He was an engineering manager at Lyft for 5.5 years, and worked as a software engineer at Twitter and Amazon. Perry is also a lead sponsor on 1,000+ apartment units, having raised 25M+ for real estate projects and generating 30%+ annualized return for investors.