Software to build the internet faster.

Clad is contractor management software for telecom companies. We help telcos like Comcast or Sonic find, manage, and pay their construction subcontractors when doing things like laying fiber or building a cell tower. Telco construction is a massive, $86B per year industry that still runs on spreadsheets and phone calls. Clad's wedge product will modernize contractor management, but we're not stopping there. We'll build a data moat that will power the industry’s spend, an over $3B opportunity. Clad's ultimate goal - expand beyond internet to power all infrastructure construction, so the backbone of our world gets built faster.

Jobs at Clad

New York, NY, US
$100K - $200K
3+ years

Company Launches

Clad - Software to manage telecom subcontractors

We help telecom companies lay fiber faster with software to bid, manage, and pay their construction subcontractors.
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Team Size:1
Location:New York

Active Founders

Jason Rudin

Jason is the founder and CEO of Clad, building software to speed up internet construction. Prior to Clad, Jason was a Product Manager at Instagram and consultant at McKinsey. A New York - San Francisco boomerang, Jason loves a Broadway show just as much as a weekend in the woods.

Jason Rudin
Jason Rudin