CODEOWNERS (fka Codex)

CODEOWNERS (fka Codex)

Code ownership, automated and driven by data.

CODEOWNERS.com is a platform that enables you and your team to automatically create & manage code ownership. Our GitHub App allows you to identify the best code owner - teams or individual contributors - for each file in your repository, all based on data. As your code base evolves, the app evaluates new changes and suggests updates to your code ownership. Integrated with your GitHub organization details we make immediate changes when your teams change. Whether someone’s on PTO, you’ve done a re-org, or team members have departed - CODEOWNERS.com keeps all your files up to date.

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Canada / Remote (Canada)
3+ years

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Codex - Give new meaning to your code base

Discuss and understand your code base from within your IDE. Attach comments, questions, notes or any kind of content to specific lines of code.
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CODEOWNERS (fka Codex)
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Active Founders

Brandon Waselnuk

CEO & Co-founder of Codex (http://usecodex.com) & Co-Founded Dignified a product Agency & Studio. Previously VP of Product at CoVenture VC and Ex-IBMer in Business Analytics doing design evangelism, teaching design thinking, and managing the product process for Business Analytics products. I love charitable work and spend my efforts on the challenges of youth homelessness, food banks, and mental health where I can.

Saumil Patel

I am the co-founder and CTO of Codex, a developer collaboration tool. Codex allows you to request context on specific lines of code directly from your IDE. Previously as the co-founder and Partner at Dignified, I worked closely with clients ranging from startups to Fortune 250 companies helping them bring their ideas from concept to completion.

Karl Clement

Co-Founder of Codex (https://usecodex.com). "Fullstack" kind of guy. Obsessed with startups, software and engineering, I mostly like to build stuff. As an engineer my focus is primarily on modern micro-service architectures, Javascript SPAs, REST/GraphQL APIs, high-traffic applications as well as DevOps (the whole stack). As an entrepreneur, I started building companies when I was 14 and never looked back.