Segment for Ecommerce

Tracking customer events (e.g. Add To Cart, Purchase, etc.) correctly is important, yet unattainable for most online stores due to the limitations of tracking in the browser and lack of in-house developers. Converge auto-tracks all important events – across the browser, store backend and subscription platforms. Once tracking is set up, Converge allows online stores to forward these events with the flip of a switch to their advertising platforms and analytics tools leading to improved ad performance and better insights. Our larger vision is to go beyond data infrastructure; and leverage our single customer data layer to build out a perfectly integrated set of applications that helps brands reduce their customer acquisition cost.

Jobs at Converge

London, England, GB
£80 - £100 GBP
0.50% - 1.50%
3+ years
Team Size:3
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Nicolas Dessaigne

Active Founders

Jan-Henrik Lambrechts

co-founder and ceo @Converge -- worked on ml vision models @TsinghuaU before that

Jan-Henrik Lambrechts
Jan-Henrik Lambrechts

Jerome Billiet

Co-founder at Converge - studied finance at London Business School before.

Jerome Billiet
Jerome Billiet

Thomas Holvoet

Studied CS in Ghent (Belgium), went on to drop out of the data science masters at Columbia to start Converge

Thomas Holvoet
Thomas Holvoet

Company Launches

TL;DR: Converge auto-tracks and forwards ecommerce customer events like Add To Cart and Purchase to analytics and ad platforms for accurate attribution and better ad performance.

Problem: Tracking for ecommerce is broken

Correct attribution and conversion tracking is at the core of every ecommerce business.

However, tracking setups suffer from..

  • Missing data: Stores miss on avg. ~10-30% of conversions due to limitations of browser tracking (e.g. ad-blockers) resulting in broken attribution data and wasted ad budget.
  • Poor observability: Popular tools like Google Tag Manager provide no way to check whether tracking is still working, resulting in costly bugs that remain undiscovered.
  • Cluttered configurations: Operators often loose grip on their tracking setup after years of uncoordinated updates, resulting in a clutter of pixels, tags, and first-party integrations across multiple platforms.
  • Lack of developers: Many ecommerce teams don't have in-house devs, making it infeasible for them to integrate with existing CDP tools such as Segment.

Solution: Accurate auto-tracking

Converge tracks all important events automatically – across the browser, store backend and subscription platforms. No technical expertise required.

Because conversions are being tracked on the store backend rather than the browser, Converge can track 100% of conversions and forward these to relevant ad platforms and analytics tools.

Unlike Segment or other CDPs, Converge allows non-technical ecommerce operators to set this tracking up in minutes.

Once tracking is set up, Converge aggregates data from all sources and provides a single overview of ecommerce KPIs.

Users can also break down attribution metrics across channels, campaigns, adsets, and even ads, showing what is driving growth on a granular level.

Our ask

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