HIPAA compliance in days, not months.

Complying with HIPAA can cost companies tens of thousands of dollars and months of work. Delve automates HIPAA compliance, making it possible to get compliant in just days. The company provides an all-in-one compliance solution with (1) automated infrastructure, (2) a step-by-step checklist, and (3) real-time monitoring. By reducing compliance obstacles, Delve is making it easier to innovate in healthcare.

Team Size:3
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Surbhi Sarna

Active Founders

Karun Kaushik

CEO at Delve. Studied AI at MIT. Built an AI COVID diagnostic that scaled internationally.

Karun Kaushik
Karun Kaushik

Selin Kocalar

COO at Delve. Studied AI at MIT. Launched a water quality test to the ISS. Published 7 research papers.

Selin Kocalar
Selin Kocalar

Company Launches

📌 TL;DR: At Delve, we help companies get HIPAA compliant by: 1) automating infrastructure, 2) streamlining paperwork, and 3) monitoring security.

Hey YC! We’re Karun Kaushik and Selin Kocalar – we’re both MIT-trained with multiple years of experience in healthcare. Previously, we were health tech co-founders who spent months (and tens of thousands of dollars) on becoming HIPAA compliant. Now, we’re streamlining the process for other founders.

What is HIPAA Compliance?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) outlines how sensitive health data should be handled in the US. If you’re a company that processes health data, you most likely need to become HIPAA compliant.

It’s important to take HIPAA seriously. The consequences of violating it can be severe – from high fines (up to $1.5M per year) to criminal prosecution.

Delve: Fast Tracking Compliance

We’re your one-stop shop for HIPAA compliance.

  1. Infrastructure: We’ll provide 1-click HIPAA-compliant infrastructure deployed in your own cloud and a CI/CD pipeline to update infrastructure from git push.
  2. Policies: We’ll streamline policies and paperwork and give you a complete list of tasks to complete.
  3. Logging/monitoring: We’ll provide a dashboard that monitors security in real time to give assurance to both you and your customers.

Our Ask

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We’re always happy to help answer any compliance questions. Reach us at founders@getdelve.com.