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Team Size:2
Location:San Francisco

Active Founders

Chris Navrides

Chris Navrides was the VP of engineer at test.ai, which is built the first AI based mobile & web testing solution. Before that, Chris worked at Google on automation testing for Google Play and mobile ads, and Dropbox on their mobile platform team. Chris received his Bachelors and masters from Colorado School of Mines.

Chris Navrides
Chris Navrides
Dev Tools AI


Worked on ML products at Google (Google Translate, Display ads), Hover (photogrammetry), test.ai (visual testing AI). Graduated with a Masters from Cambridge University and Telecom ParisTech (French national engineering school of telecommunications)

Dev Tools AI

Company Launches

TL;DR -  We are building reviewify.io - automatic code review for every pull request, powered by GPT-4. Installation takes just 10 seconds, and you can start automatically receiving comments & suggestions.


You want to make sure the code written by yourself and team is awesome. But having a code review can slow things down, especially if you only have a few Sr Engineers to review for everyone, and you don’t want their time wasted for obvious issues like not having null checks, or ordering imports.


We use GPT, combined with custom review samples, to automatically run code reviews and post the comments in minutes on the PR.


  • Try it out and leave reactions to the comments it generates so we can improve the system
  • If there are other features that would add value to you, please let us know (ex: Static analysis, code dependency report, integration into IDEs so comments can be seen at code time, etc).


Chris & Etienne

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