Developer marketing through open source sponsorship

Devmark is an online marketplace where companies sponsor open source projects to market to developers. We bring transparency and automation into the process to help thousands of growing open source projects get funded. We provide traffic and performance data of open source projects to help companies make data-driven sponsorship decisions. We also use LLMs to automate the manual work required to generate organic contents that fit into open source readme and docs.

Team Size:3
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Jared Friedman

Active Founders

Tony Yang

I want to make it easy for companies to sponsor open source projects for marketing purposes, so I am building devmark. Before this, I've spent 3 years at Stripe building a scalable and easy-to-use function-as-a-service framework. It's used by more than half of the Stripe teams to run critical money movement workflows. I've also spent years working on different open source projects while I was an undergrad at UC Berkeley, including a mobile app for the Free Software Foundation.

Tony Yang
Tony Yang

Company Launches

Cyclone is an instant coding playground for documentation sites.

🤘 Try it out! No code change needed.

See a preview of Cyclone embedded on your docs site.

  • Just provide two links:
    • your documentation site
    • an example code repository that showcases your product
  • If you don’t have an example repo, you can still preview! Just click “Generate example code for me” and we will help you write an amazing sample project 🙂

❤️ Our Ask

  • If you’re building a developer-centric product, please reach out at haoyang@usecyclone.dev. We would love to help you make your docs interactive, and fun!
  • If you’re a developer, try using Cyclone for prototyping! Generate a preview for your favorite library (the example project can be the one you’re working on), and let us know your experience :)

🤯 Problem - everyone wants interactive docs but it’s too much work

If you are building a product for developers, you know your docs are critical marketing materials. The best documentation sites (e.g. Stripe) are interactive and let developers quickly try out a product. Why don’t you have a docs site as interactive as Stripe’s? These are two common reasons.

Significant efforts to set up: Custom interactive features need to be designed and built for your docs site, and you don’t have the time to do it.

Hard to keep the docs up to date with the product: Startups evolve their product quickly. Maintaining interactive features requires more work than one-time setup.

🖥️ Solution - a coding playground that goes live on docs in 10 minutes

Here is how Cyclone works:

  1. Provide your docs site URL and a GitHub repo of example project.
  2. Cyclone uses LLM to understand your docs and link each section to code snippets in the example project.
  3. Cyclone gives you a preview of your docs site that has Cyclone coding playground embedded. When viewing each doc section, Cyclone shows you the most relevant code from the example project.
  4. If you like what you see, point your docs site’s DNS record to Cyclone. You are live!
  5. You can continue updating your docs and GitHub repo. Cyclone will automatically keep things up-to-date.

🤔 How is Cyclone different from Replit / CodeSandbox …?

Cyclone is built to be embedded on docs sites. This means:

  1. Developers don’t need to switch between your docs and another tool, so they can stay in the flow and are less likely to drop off.
  2. Cyclone is context-aware: it knows what developers are looking at, so it can display relevant code pieces as developers scroll.

Cyclone also makes maintaining the interactive experience hassle-free! It automatically keeps the mapping between docs and code examples up to date. No more dealing with outdated code snippets and sandboxes.

🙌 Meet the Team

Haoyang (left) and Tony (right) met at Stripe, building internal tools for developers. Amazed by Stripe Docs, we are bringing that “wow factor” to every documentation site in the world!