AI copilot for forms, questionnaires & RFX

Dialect uses AI trained on your company’s internal knowledge to automate response generation for forms, RFPs, and other complex business communications.

Team Size:3
Location:Palo Alto
Group Partner:Nicolas Dessaigne
James Thomas
James Thomas
Tejas Sundaresan
Tejas Sundaresan

Company Launches

Hey everyone! We’re James, Tony, and Tejas from Dialect.

TL;DR Dialect is an AI copilot that auto-drafts responses to vendor questionnaires. Using generative AI grounded in your best content, we help you respond to RFPs and security questionnaires in a fraction of the time.

The problem

Companies today face customer questionnaires in all shapes, sizes, and formats. Security questionnaires, DDQs, and RFPs are critical gates within the sales process. Companies want to put their best foot forward and map their solutions to customer requirements.

However, doing so can take days of rote copying & pasting, searching through old documents, and answering the same question over and over again.

  • Every questionnaire comes in different formats (sheets, docs, webforms) and every question is worded differently than before – making it time-consuming to port past answers into new questionnaires.
  • Finding the right answer to a question could require searching across potentially dozens of files, scanning question banks with thousands of entries, and involving multiple team members.

Our solution

Dialect is a copilot that auto-drafts any vendor questionnaire. Our browser extension sits directly within your editors of choice, such as Google Sheets and Docs, and cuts the time needed to complete a questionnaire by >80%. Just highlight what you’re trying to complete, and Dialect will handle the rest!

Dialect is fully grounded in the best of your enterprise content. It integrates natively with content sources like help centers, security reports, and website copy. Any answer produced has direct references to sections of reports, documents, and other resources so you can easily verify responses generated by Dialect.

How does this help? With Dialect, sales engineering and field security teams now get a first draft of every RFP or security questionnaire within minutes. Dialect saves hours or even days worth of time, enabling them to spend more time with customers, investing in compliance, and ultimately growing revenue.

Our story

We’ve been longtime friends since college and grad school. We came together to build a company around our shared passion for AI products. Before working on Dialect, James did a PhD at Stanford on data systems, Tony did a PhD at Stanford in machine learning, and Tejas worked on ML-driven products as an engineer and PM at Google Research.

Our ask: please try it out!

Dialect works directly within your existing document workflows, and can be self-served for your upcoming questionnaires. Your first questionnaire is on us with our free starter plan!

We’re already deployed at several fast-growing companies today, and we’d be thrilled to work with you and help with other customer inquiries you may have.

Please create an account at usedialect.com to get started, and contact us with any questions, feedback, or for a custom plan!