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Doctor Droid is an automated diagnosis and troubleshooting assistant for engineering teams. Doctor Droid integrates with your existing monitoring stack (10+ tools supported) and assists with automated diagnosis, troubleshooting recommendations and more. Get started To get an automated report on the state of alerting & noise in your company, try out our free report generator today -- https://drdroid.io/doctor-droid-slack-integration

Jobs at Doctor Droid

Bengaluru, KA, IN / Remote (US)
₹800K - ₹1M INR
1+ years
Doctor Droid
Team Size:6
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Nicolas Dessaigne

Active Founders

Siddarth Jain

Co-Founder & CEO at Doctor Droid. Previously investor at Accel, Data Scientist & Chief of Staff at Shadowfax. Studied Electrical Engineering from IIT Delhi

Siddarth Jain
Siddarth Jain
Doctor Droid

Dipesh Mittal

Founder and architect of Doctor Droid, building on 10 years in software engineering across logistics (Shadowfax), healthcare (Labstreet) and fintech (Paypal). Personally a big fan of science & fantasy fiction, enjoy cycling and traveling to historical monuments.

Dipesh Mittal
Dipesh Mittal
Doctor Droid

Company Launches

Hello everyone! At Doctor Droid, we’re launching AlertOps Bot today.

TL;DR Add the bot to a channel and instantly receive reports about poorly configured and noisy alerts in the channel over the last 1 month / 3 months / 6 months. Signup URL.

Context: We built this tool for engineering teams that are too busy, have a bit of alert fatigue, and want to reduce the noise.

Today, doing it requires manual time and energy.

We have designed the bot such that the entire analysis now is presented to the engineers in seconds after adding the #Slack Bot.

The bot provides immediate analysis of noisy alerts and insights around alerts that buzz too often.

We also extract other key tags from the strings. (like service_names, db_name, etc.). This helps do faster drill-downs of noise.

Our users include engineering teams at startups of all sizes and scales — from seed stage to unicorns.

To get started, just sign up on our website and install the bot.

If you have any specific comments or feedback to share, just let us know! (founders@drdroid.io)

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