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Dover gives you actionable data, supercharges your team’s workflows, and enables you to engage talent at scale so you can deliver an amazing candidate experience. We combine best-in-class candidate evaluation technology with bespoke process automation to help companies find and hire top talent for their open roles. Recruiting is a $50B/year industry in the US, but recruiting departments and agencies still have incredibly manual processes. We've built a better way. Our advanced matching software identifies the perfect candidates across all recruiting channels and drives the hiring process to create a seamless, white-glove experience for both companies and candidates. Dover went through Y Combinator in 2019, and today 200+ companies use our product to run a better hiring process. We've raised $23M from top VCs. We're a remote team of 50+ with hubs in San Francisco and NYC and a presence in Denver, LA, and Seattle.

Jobs at Dover

New York, NY, US / Remote (US)
$180K - $220K
6+ years
Team Size:25
Location:New York

Active Founders

George Carollo

Working hard: Founder at Dover (S19) –– free recruiting tools for startups

George Carollo
George Carollo

Max Kolysh

Founder at Dover (S19) –– the free ATS for startups

Max Kolysh
Max Kolysh

Anvisha Pai

MIT Computer Science grad, previously Dropbox + several startups. Forbes 30 Under 30 for Enterprise Tech. Leading Eng Product & Design at Dover (YC S19). I live in NYC now but visit SF often

Anvisha Pai
Anvisha Pai

Company Launches


Applicant volume for roles in tech has risen 2.4x in 2023 from last year’s averages. Yet it’s harder to filter down to top candidates and you can’t get back to everyone. It sucks for candidates too — they never hear back, and candidate experience takes a hit.

The proprietary tech that powers our automated outbound sourcing engine is now applied to reveal top applicants across all your job boards. Use extremely powerful filters and chat to find candidates matching exactly what you’re looking for and review resumes 10x faster — for free.

What is Dover?

Over the last five years, Dover (YC S19) has enabled Scale AI, OpenSea, Benchling, Vanta, Stripe, and 500+ other startups to make thousands of hires. You may have seen some of our other launches like our Applicant Tracking System and Sourcing Autopilot.

What’s different from other resume review tools?

Dover’s AI Applicant Sorting goes far beyond keywords. Dover has a knowledge graph of companies, industries, skillsets, and more.

AI Applicant Sorting allows you to use super powerful filters and chat to find candidates based on exactly what you’re looking for.

As you review candidates, quickly approve or reject with a click. Take bulk actions to send the next steps in a fraction of the time. Use hotkeys to speed up review time even more.

What kinds of queries can I sort or filter by?

It’s AI-powered, so you can get pretty nuanced:

  • “6+ years experience”
  • “based in the US or Canada”
  • “candidates with a fintech background”
  • "people with experience at B2C startups”
  • “people who have worked on scalable systems”
  • “full stack engineers or people with similar titles”
  • “applicants who worked at well-reputed companies”
  • "account executives with experience at SaaS startups"
  • “product managers working in healthcare in San Francisco"
  • “candidates with FAANG experience who went to a top school”
  • "software engineers with at least 5 years of experience with React or Typescript experience"

How hard is it to set up?

Import existing applicants from your Applicant Tracking System or get new candidates by posting a job for free with Dover’s ATS, which has everything startups need to build a great recruiting process and candidate experience. It costs $0 and takes 10 minutes to set up.

Just want to try it out? Start using the tool with sample candidates in only a few minutes.

How much does it cost?

Dover’s AI Applicant Sorting is totally free to use, just like our Applicant Tracking System.

Why is Dover releasing this for free?

Dover’s mission is to help every company run an incredible hiring process and every candidate has a great experience. The best way to do this is by building easy-to-use tools to help every company get the basics right.

We make money by selling Sourcing Autopilot and Embedded Recruiter to companies that need help with sourcing or full-cycle recruiting.

How do you ensure the AI doesn’t create bias?

If you throw AI at a problem, bias can be created. We’ve built this model by inputting specific data and criteria and examining what’s happening with the AI output. We use AI to make it faster and easier.

We built this feature to make sure you find people who should get a second look and to ensure everyone hears back from you. AI is used to sort candidates, Dover doesn’t autoreject based on its output.

How do I get started?

Get started here.

If you’re interested in a demo or a white-glove onboarding, email hello@dover.com

YC Sign Photo

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