Accounting and tax for startups

Finta is the easiest way for startups to manage taxes, bookkeeping, and track financial metrics - all in one platform. It replaces Quickbooks and the need to pay expensive bookkeepers. Finta gives you squeaky clean books, files your taxes compliantly on time, and access to a dashboard to track burn, cash, runway, and everything else about your finances. You can easily integrate Finta with modern tech tools like Brex, Ramp, Mercury, Stripe, Gusto, Rippling, Pulley, Carta, and more. Finta is the source of truth for your financial data as you scale.

Jobs at Finta

San Francisco, CA, US / Toronto, ON, CA / Remote (US; CA)
$140K - $220K
1.00% - 5.00%
3+ years
Team Size:2
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Jared Friedman

Active Founders

Andy Wang

Founder at Finta

Andy Wang
Andy Wang

Company Launches


Finta is the simplest way for startup founders and operators to manage taxes, bookkeeping, and track financial metrics - all in one platform.

Finta replaces expensive bookkeepers, Quickbooks, and Google Sheets.


1. Expensive bookkeepers with deceptive billing practices

  • Starts at $700+/month for startups
  • Price goes up based on expenses, not value
  • Charge to bank account directly without notice

2. Repeated questions, mistakes, and late results

  • Asks repeatedly simple about categorizing expenses
  • Asks accounting questions that they should be educating you on
  • Put you on tax extensions and don’t file by the April deadline
  • Deliver financial results 3 weeks after the month ended

3. Dealing with multiple people and tools

  • Introduced to a new person on your account every month
  • Paying for Quickbooks, but you don’t use it

4. After all this, still can’t understand your finances

  • Can’t get accurate results on cash, burn, runway
  • Don’t understand why financials went up or down
  • No visibility into your revenue or expenses


1. Transparent and fairly-priced

  • Flat price per year, does not increase until your next funding round
  • Includes monthly bookkeeping, taxes, and insights

2. Accurate results on time, and proactive on your taxes

  • No repeated or common-sense questions, unless we’re not sure
  • You’ll never do anything manually. We value your time.
  • Monthly bookkeeping within the first few days
  • Taxes are always on file time and get proactive notices

3. All-in-one platform

  • We built accounting from the core, not a wrapper on Quickbooks
  • Actual software, not a form or messaging portal

4. Source of truth for your financials

  • Easily connect with tools you already use
  • Modernize your finance tech stack

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Finta differ from bookkeepers like Pilot?

They do your bookkeeping in Quickbooks. Finta replaces both bookkeeping and taxes, and gives you way more financial insights.

How does onboarding work for Finta?

Sign up, integrate, and that’s it! It’s at most 10 minutes.

What if I already have a bookkeeper that manages Quickbooks?

It’s the same process to onboard. Finta will actually enrich the data that Quickbooks can’t pull from your existing finance tools.

What’s the risk of not using Quickbooks?

No VC or customer will ever require you to be on Quickbooks. In fact, no one likes Quickbooks.

If, for whatever reason, you need to go back to Quickbooks, we’ll provide white-glove service for free and help you migrate. However, you’ll lose transaction details because of Quickbooks’ limitations.

What taxes do you handle?

Finta handles everything from franchise and income taxes at the city, state, and federal levels. Finta also provides R&D tax credit services.

How frequently are my results?

We’re aiming to give you a real-time dashboard. As of today, we deliver bookkeeping and financial reporting every month.

Get Finta

Visit www.finta.com or send me an email at andy at finta dot com