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Flair Health

Platform to reduce care gaps for patients with inflammatory disease

Flair Health equips rheumatology and gastroenterology practices with tech-driven collaborative care tools to reduce care gaps for the 50+ million Americans with rheumatic, inflammatory, and autoimmune conditions. We've partnered with leading medical groups across states like Arizona, Illinois and Colorado treating thousands of patients daily.

Flair Health
Team Size:5
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Surbhi Sarna

Active Founders

Diva Sharma

Diva is co-founder and CEO of Flair. She built and patented a remote patient monitoring device at age 15, which was recognized by the Government of India, European Union and the Intel Foundation. She was formerly an Associate Product Manager at two digital health companies: Ancestry.com and Auris Health (Johnson & Johnson) and built software for Stanford Medicine in conjunction with Apple’s Healthkit team. Diva graduated with a Bachelors in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Diva Sharma
Diva Sharma
Flair Health

Shobha Dasari

Shobha is a co-founder and CTO of Flair. She is the author of “Hacking Healthcare,” which discusses how tech can improve the healthcare user experience for patients. Shobha has worked directly with the founders at two health tech companies: Rupa Health (a labs portal for integrative medicine) and Songbird Therapy (at-home behavioral therapy for children with autism). Before Flair, Shobha was an Associate Product Manager intern at LinkedIn and graduated from Stanford (Computer Science).

Shobha Dasari
Shobha Dasari
Flair Health

Company Launches


Flair is building the platform for clinicians to leverage patient lifestyle data to treat the core drivers of chronic disease, such as diabetes and heart disease, through personalized interventions. Our software analyzes hundreds of lifestyle data points not traditionally analyzed in a primary care visit and creates structured recommendations uniquely suited for a patient.

Our goal is simple: to help 100 million Americans reverse their chronic disease through personalized care.

The Problem

80% of chronic conditions can be prevented with improvements in lifestyle, but the average 20-minute primary care visit is unable to adequately analyze and address these health behaviors. As a result, patients become reliant on medications to imperfectly manage their symptoms, leading to poorer health outcomes and high costs.

Lifestyle medicine is growing rapidly (17-fold increase in certified doctors since 2014), yet clinicians lack the right tools to quantitatively unlock insights into a patient’s diet, sleep, stress, and exercise, making it difficult to scale this form of medical practice.

The Solution

Flair’s software enables lifestyle medicine clinicians to analyze hundreds of specific data points about a patient’s health (such as gut microbiome, stress responses, and vitamin/mineral levels) to create ultra-personalized health plans.

We reach patients through self-insured employers, some of whom have projected 20% less healthcare spending from including lifestyle medicine in their health plans.


Before Flair, @Diva Sharma built and patented an internationally-recognized remote patient monitoring device at age 15 and worked as an Associate Product Manager at digital health startups like Ancestry and Auris Health (acquired by Johnson & Johnson). @Shobha Dasari led product and operations at LinkedIn and early-stage digital health startups, and authored a book titled Hacking Healthcare.

We met as undergraduates at Stanford, and found ourselves geeking out about precision medicine and preventative care. Our personal experiences with chronic disease and health tracking encouraged us to build Flair.


If you have or know anyone with the following backgrounds, please reach out to founders@flairhealth.com - we’d love to chat.

  • Doctors and nurses in your network who:
    • practice primary care or integrative, functional, holistic, or lifestyle medicine
    • have built programs around nutrition/diet, exercise, sleep, stress, wearables, and/or labs

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