Virtual Restaurants & Stores for Africa

FoodCourt (CoKitchen) is Africa's leading virtual restaurant company. We've served over 350,000 meals in the last 12 months & our goal is to make good food and quick convenience goods more accessible across Africa, through virtual restaurants & dark stores. Understanding the unique problems of the African on-demand/ food delivery market, we've taken a full-stack approach by controlling different areas of the value chain such as technology, production & delivery to give users a seamless & consistent experience while giving us unlimited flexibility for growth. Learn more at www.getfoodcourt.com or email henry@cokitchen.ng

Team Size:80
Location:Lagos, Nigeria
Group Partner:Brad Flora

Active Founders

Henry Nneji

Henry is the Co-Founder & CEO of CoKitchen. He is from a very entrepreneurial family and has always had a keen interest for solving problems with technology. Prior to CoKitchen, Henry has been able to accumulate a range of experiences cut across design, marketing, product development/ management & entrepreneurship. In 2019 he co-founded Fashion Map, a quick way for Nigerians to find tailors & fashion designers across the country, dubbed as the “Uber for Tailors” by The Economist.

Henry Nneji
Henry Nneji

Paul Adokiye Iruene

Paul is the Co-Founder & CTO of CoKitchen. He has a strong engineering background and has always been passionate about technology. Paul is a full-stack engineer with vast experience in back end, web, mobile development, AI, machine learning & DevOps. Prior to CoKitchen he was on the founding tech team of Prospa (YC W21), a digital bank for small businesses across Africa. As a personal project, built “for food only” an AI Vision app that identifies African food items using image classification.

Paul Adokiye Iruene
Paul Adokiye Iruene

Company Launches

Hello YC fam,

This is Henry & Paul from CoKitchen!

We are building the future of on-demand delivery in Africa with Virtual Restaurants & Dark Stores.

📲 FoodCourt App
The FoodCourt app lets people order from a curation of virtual restaurant brands & shops focused on the most popular food & convenience categories wherever you are in Africa. With FoodCourt, you don’t have to decide between burgers, traditional Nigerian food, Chinese food or even liquor & snacks. You can order across brands & have everything delivered in a single order!

❎ The Problem
Despite the rise of aggregator food delivery apps across Africa, traditional restaurants still find it hard to adapt to the changes in consumer behaviour & keep up with the growing demand for on-demand delivery services. This has led to a poor experience for online food delivery users on the continent.

✅ Our Solution
We’ve built a full-stack model where we control different areas of the value chain such as the technology, food production & delivery to give users a seamless & consistent experience.

  1. Order on the FoodCourt app - a curation of good food & convenience goods with our unique & easy to use multi-brand ordering experience.
  2. Order gets prepared in our multi-brand delivery hub - Fully optimised for delivery efficiency.
  3. Delivered quickly by our connected last-mile partners - stationed at the delivery hub.

❤️ Feedback
150+ User Stories - Instagram highlights

📈 Milestones & Fun Facts
Since our launch 11 months ago…
250,000+ meals delivered
$500k+ all-time sales
$110k+ sales in June
2,650+ monthly active users (67%+ order between 2 - 50+ times a month)
Every day in the last 150+ days, we’ve seen 35 - 45 people order 2 - 5 times daily.
100% cashless (52%+ of transactions from saved cards)

🌍 The Market - Africa

Population: 1.37B+
Internet users: 590m+
Median age: 18yrs (wired for convenience, massive room for growth)

⚡️ Our Mission

Building a future where good food & convenience goods are seamlessly accessible in a few clicks for Africans.

🤝 Ask

Try us out - If you are in Lagos, Nigeria (the island), give us a try, we’d love to hear your feedback! » Get the app «

Talk to us - Interested in working, learning more or partnering with us? Email **henry@cokitchen.ng **or visit www.getfoodcourt.com

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