AI expert on any codebase in natural language, accessible via API

Greptile is an AI-powered API that can search and understand large codebases in natural language, letting software teams easily build powerful internal dev tools. Developers at 300+ companies including Stripe and Amazon use Greptile for LLM-powered codebase Q&A, to automatically update their docs on new commits, automate PR reviews, automatically add codebase context to new Jira tickets, and [much, much more](https://docs.greptile.com/examples). Greptile can used via the cloud, or be hosted 100% on your AWS in an air-gapped VPC.

Team Size:3
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Brad Flora

Active Founders

Daksh Gupta

CS at Georgia Tech, The Worst Intern at AWS, now building Greptile - the AI tool that lets developers understand large codebases in English.

Daksh Gupta
Daksh Gupta

Soohoon Choi


Soohoon Choi
Soohoon Choi

Vaishant Kameswaran

Founder @ Greptile. CS from Georgia Tech, minor in Linguistics.

Vaishant Kameswaran
Vaishant Kameswaran

Company Launches

Hi everyone! We’re Soohoon, Vaishant, and Daksh from Greptile. We are building the AI expert on any codebase.

tl;dr Greptile is an AI platform that lets LLMs understand large codebases. Teams and devs at 250+ companies including Stripe and Amazon use it to get answers to questions about large codebases via our web app, automatically update their docs, build PR review bots on our API, and more. Try it now → app.greptile.com


As software companies grow:

  1. Codebases get more complex.
  2. Legacy code and tech debt accumulates.
  3. Docs are usually outdated.
  4. Original engineers leave, and new engineers are less familiar with the code.

To get around this, developers:

  1. Just brute force their way to grokking the code - which is hard and time-consuming.
  2. Seek help from the subject matter expert, which is difficult if they have left, work remotely, or are just busy.
  3. Try to use tools like GitHub copilot, which are not designed to answer with full code context, so they fail to deliver.

In fact, the thing that makes coding hard is usually the codebase, not the code!

We found a way to index and search large codebases such that LLMs can always find the right context, allowing any developer to build internal developer tools powered by AI.

Here’s Felix from Twenty (open source CRM with 9k GitHub stars).

🦎 Greptile in action →

Here are some ways engineers use Greptile 👇

  1. Narek from Lantern (W24): grokking PostgreSQL’s source code, which Lantern is built on.
  2. Rahul from AgentHub (W24): parsing OSS frameworks that AgentHub integrates with.
  3. Jack Chapman from Cardinal Gray (S23): generating E2E test cases for multi-file services.
  4. Isaiah Granet from Bland AI (S23): integrating with the Twilio node SDK.
  5. SWE at Thera (S22): writing new features that require complex, multi-file changes.
  6. YC Medtech (S15): building an internal PR review bot on top of our API.
  7. SWE at Stripe (S09): debugging internal Rust libraries.
  8. Principal Engineer at Microsoft: reviewing his team’s code (open source).
  9. TMO (old B2B software company): working with their legacy .NET code.


YC Sign Photo

YC Sign Photo