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The open-source and powerful platform purpose-built for Generative AI that developers love. We provide a variety of features that enable developers to build the best AI products in the market - all with a simple integration that is only two lines of code. Features you'll love: - Observability - Gateway (caching, rate-limiting, prompt detection, key mapping, etc.) - Data Collection (standard schema and easy ETL) - Fine-Tuning - Evaluations (prompt regression testing and experiments) - Customer Portal (share Helicone dashboards with your users) Thousands of developers use Helicone today so they can focus on whats important - building their product. Contact sales@helicone.ai if you have any questions! Looking forward to building with you.

Team Size:3
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Nicolas Dessaigne

Active Founders

Scott Nguyen


Scott Nguyen
Scott Nguyen

Justin Torre

Justin is the founder of Helicone, a company dedicated to improving the lives of developers using LLMs. With 5+ years of experience tinkering and hacking on various projects, Justin has honed his technical skills and understands the critical elements of good software infrastructure. Before starting Helicone, Justin was a developer evangelist and teacher at Apple, where he developed a deep passion for supporting developers and their success.

Justin Torre
Justin Torre

Company Launches

TL;DR Instead of building tools to monitor your generative AI product, use Helicone to get instant observability of your requests.

Hey everyone, we are the team behind Helicone.

Scott brings UX and finance expertise: 4+ years across Tesla, Bain Capital, and DraftKings.

Justin brings platform and full-stack expertise: 7+ years across Apple 🍎, Intel, and Sisu Data.

We’re on a mission to make it extremely straightforward to observe and manage the use of language models.

❌ The Problem

You’re using generative AI in your product and your team needs to build internal tools for it:

  • You want an admin mode to visualize outputs, conversations, or prompt chains
  • You don’t know the unit economics of your product, like the average cost of a user or conversation
  • Your usage grows and you’re quickly running into rate limits with your provider, but your errors are opaque
  • You don’t know when it’s time to fine-tune your model and when you would get cost-savings from it

🪄 Our Solution

Helicone logs your completions and tracks the metadata of your requests. It is an analytics interface for understanding your metrics broken down by users, models, and prompts with visual cards. It caches your completions to save on bills, and helps you overcome rate limits with intelligent retry techniques.

⚙️ How it works

🎩 Integrate Helicone with one line of code

Helicone is a proxy service that executes and logs your requests, secured by Cloudflare workers around the globe to add less than a scratch to your overall latency.

Plug Helicone into wherever you are calling OpenAI with a single line of code by changing the base URL, and immediately get a visual experience for your requests.

🔖 Customize requests with properties

Append custom information like the user, conversation or session id to group requests, then instantly get metrics like the total latency, the users disproportionately driving your OpenAI costs, or the average cost of a user session.

📥 Setup caching and retries

Easily cache your completions so that duplicate requests don’t drive up your bill. Customize your cache for your application’s unique requirements. This removes the latency overhead when you’re experimenting to make development faster.

Configure retry rules when you run into rate limits, or even route your request to another provider when your service is down.

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