Sales call roleplay with realistic conversational AI buyers

Hyperbound is a simulated AI sales roleplay platform that turns ICP descriptions into interactive AI buyers in less than 2 minutes. It helps your sales team onboard 50% faster and boosts your team's conversions on cold, warm, & discovery calls. Every sales team wants to do more roleplays, but it's often unscalable and biased. Instead of having your sellers practice on real prospects and burn leads in the process, Hyperbound allows your reps to get realistic at-bats with an AI buyer. Sellers can finally gain call confidence and mastery in a simulated environment that doesn't put your pipeline at risk and gives time back to your managers.  Interested in trying it out today? Start a free demo simulation at https://app.hyperbound.ai/buyers?invite=bookface and contact us at founders@hyperbound.ai for next steps.

Team Size:3
Location:New York
Group Partner:Tom Blomfield

Active Founders

Sriharsha Guduguntla

Call me Sai! CEO @ Hyperbound (https://hyperbound.ai/). I am self-learned full-stack engineer and designer with experience building products for 9+ years. Formerly a founding engineer @ Bloom (YC W21), engineering @ Salesforce Einstein, researcher @ UC Berkeley RISE Lab, and I'm a UC Berkeley alum 🐻 Go Bears! Love to talk music or basketball anytime. Fun fact: Lebron's the 🐐 // sriharshaguduguntla.com

Sriharsha Guduguntla
Sriharsha Guduguntla

Atul Raghunathan

CTO @ Hyperbound. I am an AI engineer and Language Model researcher with a strong background building enterprise-grade ML personalization systems currently used by billions of users. Also a huge Mercedes F1 fan 🏎️ and avid rock climber 🧗.

Atul Raghunathan
Atul Raghunathan

Company Launches

TL;DR Hyperbound is a simulated roleplay platform that turns your ICP descriptions into interactive AI agents in less than 20 minutes. Hyperbound ramps your reps faster and keeps them warmed up, increasing conversion rates on cold and discovery calls.

Traditionally, it takes an average sales rep ~400 cold call conversations to ramp up and consistently deliver the message in difficult situations. This organic process usually takes between 3 to 9 months. However, with Hyperbound, your reps can achieve that same level of proficiency in less than a week!

Long ramp and low conversion for your sales reps

Even with a parallel dialer, the best reps can only manage about 20 connections per day, resulting in approximately 3-5 conversations.

It takes an average cold-calling sales representative around 400 conversations to start meeting their quota, which traditionally could take anywhere between 3 to 9 months.

However, reps who engage in daily roleplays during training, and to warmup before their calls have shown to meet their quotas up to 3x faster, and have a higher conversion rate.

Your reps are forced to practice on your prospects

Mastering cold and discovery calls is a challenging task that requires regular practice and reinforcement.

But here's the catch with roleplay. It's just awkward, eats up your managers' time, and puts a cap on how many reps each manager can handle.

Most organizations lack the practice they need, forcing their representatives to practice on the few prospects they manage to connect with each day.

Solution: The Hyperbound Platform

Hyperbound is a simulated roleplay platform that can transform your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) descriptions into interactive AI agents in less than 20 minutes.

Our simulations allow your representatives to ramp up quickly and stay prepared, increasing conversion rates on cold and discovery calls.

With Hyperbound, your representatives can reach the 400 conversations they need ramp up in under a week.


  • Create bots in less than 20 minutes to give your reps access to the wide range of personas you sell to. These bots accurately reflect the personalities, objections, opinions, and pain points your reps encounter.
  • Custom scorecards analyze performance on each segment of the call. Their consistency helps you get a unbiased picture of how each reps performance changes over time.
  • Your Manager Dashboard and Rep Leaderboards let you quickly identify A-players and those who need extra help.
  • Create Assignments to set goals for onboarding reps or for those warming up at the start of the day.

Our Team

Our team is built of Sales Coaches, AI engineers, and engineers from Salesforce’s Einstein. Our product has only been possible for a few months now, and we’re so excited to be on the cutting edge of this simulation tech.

Your team could be live on Hyperbound tomorrow

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