At-home metabolomics test for healthy lifespan extension

iollo is an at-home metabolomics test to extend your healthy lifespan. We measure more than 500 biomarkers in blood and use AI to automatically match you with dietary, behavioral, and therapeutic interventions.

Team Size:3
Location:San Francisco

Active Founders

Daniel Gomari, CEO

Daniel Gomari is the founder and CEO of iollo. He was previously a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford University where he led projects on healthy aging and lifespan extension. He received his PhD in Computational Biology, ​​where he built and applied machine learning methods for drug repurposing, with applications in cancer and diabetes patient metabolomics data.

Daniel Gomari
Daniel Gomari

Company Launches

tl;dr: We’re a subscription service that helps you live healthier and longer. We measure 500+ molecules in your blood to match you with personalized action plans such as dietary, behavioral, and soon, therapeutic interventions that let you extend your healthy lifespan.

Hey everyone! We’re Dan and Brent and we’re excited to share what we’ve been working on at iollo.

The problem

When you experience an unusual symptom and visit your doctor, you’re usually asked to take a blood test, where they measure about 10-30 markers for which you probably have to pay expensive fees because you haven't reached your deductible. Though at times useful, you’re then prescribed some medications and given generic recommendations based on your results. But did you know that there is a large collection of molecules that aren't commonly measured in your blood called the metabolome that controls your health and how fast you age, and is approximately 5x more influential than your genetics [1]?

What is the metabolome and why it matters

The metabolome is made up of molecules called metabolites, which are compounds like sugars (e.g., glucose and fructose), fats (e.g., cholesterol), vitamins (e.g., vitamin B12), hormones (e.g., T3 and T4), inflammatory markers (e.g., uric acid) and many more. So far we’ve identified 40,000+ metabolites [2] in the human blood and they’ve been implicated in how you age [3] and early signs of 30+ age-related diseases like prostate, breast and colon cancer and many other cancers, neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, and many more [4]. As a bonus, your metabolome can also be used to calculate how fast you’re aging, which is a general indicator of your overall health. The good news is that unlike your genetics, which is fixed from when you’re born, your metabolome can be changed over weeks and months with the right interventions.

Why we founded iollo and how it can help

Current clinical labs measure around 30 out of 40,000+ potential markers in your blood, leaving out valuable health information. Until today, measuring the metabolome was exclusively for pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions. With iollo, you can finally access metabolomics technology to improve your health and age slower.

We start by measuring 500+ blood metabolites that capture imbalances in your blood that are relevant to how fast you’re aging and your overall health and match you with dietary, behavioral, and soon, therapeutic interventions that benefit you the most.

How it works

  1. Subscribe to iollo
  2. Receive an at-home microsampling device to painlessly collect a blood sample (see picture below)
  3. Send your sample back, we then measure 500+ metabolites in your sample
  4. Based on your blood profile, we match you with dietary, behavioral, and therapeutic (coming soon) action plans
  5. Repeat to see how fast you’re aging and identify factors in your life that affect your metabolite levels

Get the most out of your health data by testing more

1 test/year

  • Get the baseline values of 500+ of your blood metabolites
  • Compare your values to others and see if it’s within range
  • Get basic tips on how to improve your metabolite values

3 tests/year

  • Benefits of 1 test/year +
  • Integration with wearables
  • Understand how fast you’re aging (slower means better for your health)
  • See how fast your 500+ metabolites are changing compared to your own initial values (too much change might have implications for your health)
  • Identify general behaviors that affect your metabolite values and take action

6 tests/year

  • Benefits of 3 tests/year +
  • Integration with diet logging apps
  • Identify which of your own personal habits, diet, favorite products, supplements, medications and more impact your rate of aging, changes in your metabolite levels, and overall health
  • Get action plans that improve your metabolite values, such as dietary and behavioral recommendations

9 tests/year

  • Benefits of 6 tests/year +
  • Call with Stanford/Cornell scientist to go through results

Custom tests/year Reach out to us if you want to test more than 9 times/year

Our ask

  • Pre-order – to participate in our early access program. Use the code ‘YCDEAL’ for an extra 10% off, limited spots available.
  • Join the waitlist – first come, first serve access after pre-orders. Refer iollo to get access to tests sooner and get future discounts.


[1] Genetic Factors Are Not the Major Causes of Chronic Diseases. PloS one (2016)

[2] HMDB 5.0: the Human Metabolome Database for 2022. Nucleic acids research (2022)

[3] Personal aging markers and ageotypes revealed by deep longitudinal profiling. Nature Medicine (2020)

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