Jam.gg (formerly Piepacker)

Jam.gg (formerly Piepacker)

Jam.gg, play couch games online with friends

At the crossroads of online gaming and video chatting, jam.gg is a web platform to play awesome multiplayer games with your friends. Jam.gg focuses on hyper accessibility with a patented technology cutting the internet bandwidth requirement by 15 on average. Jam.gg features top retro, pc indie and board games.

Jam.gg (formerly Piepacker)
Team Size:60
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Dalton Caldwell

Active Founders

Benjamin Devienne

Economist by trade, Benjamin worked in gaming at EA, Ubisoft and Gameloft on over 22 games. He created and scaled the data science department in the latter one. He joined Facebook as head of Analytics to lead social video, interactivity and media product teams. And then moved to Twitch as Head of Research Strategy. Benjamin spoke in +20 conferences across the globe including a TEDx and he has taught in various Universities including the University of Montreal and MIT.

Jules Testard

Former academic researcher at UCSD. Worked as a software engineer at AWS, Docker and Madhive. Loves distributed systems, hacking things together quickly, surfing and gaming.