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JustPaid.io is the AI financial automation invoicing and bill pay you wish you had earlier: - We are modernizing revenue collections for small and mid-size companies. We automate manual tasks and streamline workflows to unlock financial insights, invoice with AI, and accelerate the monthly close process. Are you a small or midsize business managing large amounts of monthly transactions? If you are we can help. - Within the platform, our AI-powered financial engine automates invoicing and bill pay. Collect from customers and pay bills on time. 📈 - Using Stripe? Using Quickbooks, NetSuite, Bill.com or Brex? We plug right in and make things simple, performing an entire data sync free for new customers. Migrate from hard-to-use and legacy revenue software to JustPaid for your revenue and bill pay needs. - Need help? Email us at sales@justpaid.io and schedule a demo today. ------ Our values: We are always asking ourselves, how can we make a company's team's life easier to help them scale through financial technology? - We don’t settle. - We are passionate. - We are serial entrepreneurs. We aim to make a dent in the universe

Jobs at JustPaid.io

Mountain View, CA, US / San Francisco, CA, US
1+ years
US / Remote (US)
$50K - $60K
1+ years
Team Size:10
Location:Mountain View
Group Partner:Nicolas Dessaigne

Active Founders

Daniel Kivatinos

Building something big with JustPaid.io, a revenue collection platform for startups. I’m an entrepreneur and investor living in Silicon Valley, California. I’ve been working across multiple companies. I’ve raised millions of dollars of venture capital funding over the last several years for my startups. In 2008, I started DrChrono, with millions of active users and thousands of customers; it was acquired in 2021, being in the top 30 company exits from YC, making it a top 1% YC exit.

Daniel Kivatinos
Daniel Kivatinos

Anelya Grant

Passionate accountant, worked with startup founders for the last 12 years mostly YC companies. Saw the same pain with every team: lack of communication leads to poor financial understanding. Lots of time wasted, revenue missed, and poor decisions made - i want to build a tool that helps you to make the right decision

Anelya Grant
Anelya Grant

Vinay Datta Pinnaka

Vinay is a co-founder and founding engineer at JustPaid with over 10 years of experience in building scalable web applications. He scaled the billing system for Drchrono to handle $4B+ worth transactions. Vinay holds a master's degree in Computer Science with a specialization in Human-Computer Interaction. He is responsible for overseeing JustPaid's technology strategy and product development

Vinay Datta Pinnaka
Vinay Datta Pinnaka

Company Launches


JustPaid.io is the AI-powered controller you wish you had earlier, so you will never have to worry about overpaying bills again.


Companies' current financial processes are disconnected from what you agreed to pay vs. what you were actually charged, even when your vendor makes a billing error. This is what we’re here to resolve.

On average, United States businesses lose over $300,000 per year alone from invoice fraud totaling $12B. Don’t be a statistic.

With expanding teams, a lot of vendor workflows are stuck in Slack and inboxes.  We are automating workflows to successfully manage vendors, including contracts, projected spend, W9/W8BEn collection, payment approval and remittance.


Saving thousands of dollars in real-time overview of your usage and billing, JustPaid.io provides a centralized experience to automate and manage vendor relationships, overspending, and more to ensure no matter the stage of your organization, you are always in control.

We collect data from your contracts all in one dashboard and compare it to both your historical as well as ongoing spend. We work with your existing bill payment solution or you can leverage our multi-approval workflow.


Our backstory is founded on personal experience that is often shared by many in the YC Community:

My firm and I were handling all the bookkeeping, accounting and controller functions for over 1,000 startups in the past 10 years. It’s the same issues with the lack of workflow. There is always the same persistent disconnect of management and finance teams. Endless emails between so many stakeholders due to the contract negotiation process with no meaningful control when the bill is due. Additionally, collecting W9/W8BEN forms, and setting up payment accounts.”

- Anelya Grant // Co-CEO JustPaid.io (Loopfour)

“As a second-time founder, I know it can be a burden to keep a daily eye on spend, yet it is a necessary part of running a successful startup looking into what is owed and what is paid. I wanted to create a tool I wish I had that gave real-time financial insights. Founders and their teams need a copilot providing a usable dashboard to make them certain about cash flow visibility into their company, giving financial insights real-time.”

- Daniel Kivatinos // Co-CEO JustPaid.io (Loopfour)

“I want every founder out there to have accurate financial information at their fingertips so that every employee can feel secure.”

- Vinay Pinnaka // Co-Founder and Founding Engineer JustPaid.io (Loopfour)


From JustPaid.io (Loopfour), YC members and others are able to easily self-onboard, connect bank accounts and provide contracts to jump-start the process of agreed vs. charged bill analysis and manage payments. We’re excited to welcome an early adoption of users to not only alleviate their current headaches but also create an open collaboration of feedback together to better advance our solution to exceed your expectations. We are also providing a 50% discount to all YC Companies.