The open-source AI assistant for your digital brain.

Khoj is an open-source, personal AI application that helps you get answers to your questions, whether they be in your own notes or online. You can use it to get answers that are grounded in reality, references included. Rather than spending an hour researching collating information from different sources, have Khoj do it for you, easily and quickly. Khoj can also generate images and understand your voice via TTS, so you can work hands-free. With our specialized agents, you can get deeper assistance on topics related to Health, Tutoring, Therapy, or something else altogether. Because we're open-source, you can always choose to self-host Khoj on your own machine for more privacy. We've previously built products for Cortana AI at Microsoft and scaled them from 0 to 20M daily active users.

Team Size:2
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Dalton Caldwell

Active Founders

Debanjum Singh Solanky

Previously worked on personal AIs at Cortana (aka Viva Insights) and scaled it from 0 to 20M daily active users at Microsoft. Building open-source tools & communities since a decade.

Debanjum Singh Solanky
Debanjum Singh Solanky

Saba Imran

Helping people get answers to their questions.

Saba Imran
Saba Imran

Company Launches

Hi folks! We’re Saba and Debanjum from Khoj and we’re working hard to make personal AI accessible to everyone, including your mum and grandad 😇


Khoj is an open-source, personal AI application that helps you extend your digital brain. It's built by a team that scaled personal AI assistance for enterprises to 10s of millions of daily active users at Microsoft. You can try Khoj on WhatsApp at +1 (848)-800-4242

The Problem

Computing capabilities have advanced at a staggering rate over the last few decades, but our individual capabilities have stagnated. Petabytes of data have been digitized, and yet our tools to engage with them hover somewhere around fuzzy search.

While we were building more advanced tools for enterprise assistance, we realized that there weren’t good equivalents to helping individuals across work and life.

I've to make sense of what is covered by my health insurance plan in some outdated PDF, track down stray notes I made during my 100th daily standup meeting, or look for that one email I sent back in 2018 to Carl. The current set of tools for this just doesn’t cut it.

All the while, the surface area occupied by our digital interactions is making us less happy and more distracted.

The Solution

With Khoj, we're creating your open-source, superhuman companion to tackle these challenges.

Right now, you can use Khoj’s desktop app to search and chat with your existing notes and docs (see below!). Instead of awkwardly keyword searching, you can have a natural conversation with your knowledge base. Hundreds of technical, advanced knowledge workers are already using this. It supports fully offline chat and search. See the docs.

But technical capability shouldn’t limit access to great digital assistance. That's why we're rolling out the ability to access Khoj over WhatsApp as well.

We’re building your companion with two key principles in mind:

  1. We build in the open with a diverse community from the ground up, so humans stay at the center of it all
  2. Personal AI is coming. We intend to create it in a way that is both trustworthy and accessible

The Team

Debanjum and Saba met while building and scaling enterprise personal AI assistance at Microsoft. They became fast friends while bonding over hiking in the PNW and hacking on fun side projects together.

Saba has studied CS @ UIUC, built resilient data pipelines for high-frequency trading at Two Sigma, and developed the ML infrastructure at a YC biotech startup.

Debanjum is a published researcher with a double Masters in Math and CS at BITS and Dartmouth respectively. He helped create Hillhacks, an Indian hacker conference that's been running self-sustained for 9+ years.

The Ask

Tell us what you'd like out of your own personal superhuman companion at team@khoj.dev.

Chat with Khoj on WhatsApp at +1 (848)-800-4242 or by using the QR code below. You can also send it voice messages! 🎙️