Apple-style product videos in minutes

Kite helps software companies create Apple-style product videos. We turn a screen recording of your app into a stunning polished, professional video—no expensive agencies or complicated tools required. Video marketing is a massive, $104B industry, but the workflow for creating professional product videos hasn't changed in decades. Kite uses WebGL and AI to dramatically lower the cost of professional-grade video production.

Team Size:2
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Tom Blomfield

Active Founders

Derek Feehrer

Co-founder and CEO at Kite (YC S23)

Derek Feehrer
Derek Feehrer

Todd Ashley

Co-founder & CTO @ Kite

Todd Ashley
Todd Ashley

Company Launches


Kite helps software companies create stunning marketing videos in minutes. Take a screen recording of your product and turn it into a polished video–no experience required.

👉 Try out Kite on Mac OS (alpha): https://kite.video

👋 Hey there!

Derek and Todd from Kite here.

🥲 The Problem

Top companies know that the way they present themselves to the world matters. Great storytelling amplifies great products.

When Apple launches a product—or even the tiniest feature—they don’t just put out a press release or a Tweet. They put on something closer to a cinematic film premiere—using video to craft a story and make their audience truly appreciate their features, one by one.

Most of us aren’t Apple, but need to tell our story all the same. Nearly every software company needs marketing videos, not just once, but continuously.

Users prefer video to text and social algorithms boost it heavily.

The world is noisy. Every feature release is an opportunity to relaunch your product and tell your company’s story once again.

(Some companies we think crush it with frequent feature launch videos: Framer, Brex, and Vercel).

The thing is, making great marketing videos is still really hard.

Derek has been pulling out his hair making startup marketing videos for over a decade, both for his own products and as a contractor.

Existing solutions are either bland, tedious, or expensive:

  • Simple screen captures work well for internal communication but aren’t great for grabbing attention externally, and tend to all look the same. Attention spans are short, and a lot of software just…isn’t that engaging on its own.
  • You can cobble together powerful video tools (After Effects, etc), but you’ll probably spend way longer than you’d like, end up with a janky result, and feel like you should have earned a film degree by the end.
  • Or, you can hire a video creator (contractor, agency, or full-time). Tech companies spend a LOT on marketing video creation (We know, we’ve talked to your video people!).

🪁 The Solution

Our goal with Kite is to help any software company create studio-quality marketing videos—no studio required.

Here’s a quick Kite video we made for our Product Hunt launch this week:

We start with screen capturing your product. It’s easy. If you can take a Loom, you can take a Kite.

Then we turn it into a ridiculously professional video—semi-automatically.

  • Show off your app on the screen of a 3D device model (like a laptop).
  • Kite automatically moves the camera to follow the action and highlight the features your cursor is interacting with.

  • Add animated text (kinetic typography) with two clicks.
  • Sync it all together to the beat of a music track from our music library
  • Check out our tutorial video for more detail:

(This entire video was made in Kite, you can explore the full project file in the app).

🛣️ Roadmap

We want to make Kite more comprehensive and automatic with each update–abstracting away all the tedious parts of making great videos, and giving you all the cool stuff you see in big co-marketing videos for free, so can let your creativity run wild.

We've only been working on Kite for a few months, but there's a lot coming!

  • AI-assisted video creation
    • LLMs – Chat with Kite like you’d chat with a video creator. Get help with everything from copy editing and storytelling to animations and fonts.
    • Generative AI – narrations, music, graphics, 3D objects
    • 3D object scans for physical product demos
  • More customization–animations, text effects, music, 3D devices, backgrounds, cursors, etc
  • Mobile videos & iPhone screen capture
  • Designer templates

🔮 The future

  • We’re starting with software videos because it’s an area we know well, but we’re not stopping there. We think the web is a more engaging place where everyone can create great videos and we're excited to help create the next generation of AI-first video tools.

👉 Try out Kite on Mac OS (alpha): https://kite.video

You can use the entire product for free, just upgrade to remove watermarks.

Send us feedback, bug reports, and questions! support@kite.video

Derek & Todd (& Harvey 🐶)