Minecraft for Teachers

PROBLEM 😩 Zoom is great for adults, not ideal to engage an 8 year old online. SOLUTION 🔥 Koala Go, the award-winning interactive platform for online teaching businesses. Learn more at https://teachwithkoala.com/

Jobs at Koala

Remote (US)
$50K - $200K
6+ years
Team Size:11
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Dalton Caldwell

Active Founders

Xavier Lesage Moretti

Xavier was born and raised in Paris, France. When he turned 21, he got an internship at Apple in California and never came back to France. Xavier currently lives in San Francisco with his fiancée. He would not trade his entrepreneurial life for anything. Xavier's favorite TV show are West Wing and Friends. He's a decent skier, basketball player and plays real time strategy games.

Xavier Lesage Moretti
Xavier Lesage Moretti

Benjamin Roux

Benjamin Roux
Benjamin Roux

Company Launches

Tl;dr Dear parents, fun live online classes made for kids now exist. Koala is a fun alternative to Zoom for kids’ online classes. 🌅

Hi 👋🏽, we’re Xavier (left) and Ben (right).

We’re ex-Apple engineers, raised by teachers. We were also each other’s best men 🤵🏽

🧠 “Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning.”


But for kids, live online classes feel like

That’s why we co-founded Koala.

A fun alternative to Zoom for kids’ online classes. It looks like this:

Inspired by Minecraft, Koala quickly attracted thousands of teachers and their students. Kids and teachers loved it.

💚 Our community of teachers helped us iterate fast on our MVP
🥳 We got into YC W22
🥇 Koala won awards

🔥 Today, we’re launching our new product: Learn with Koala

Fun live online classes you can book for your kids with the best teachers.

Our 3 favorite classes:

❤️ Want to support us?

Book one of the 3 classes above or any class at https://www.learnwithkoala.com and let us know how we can make our product better 🙏🏼

Don’t go easy on us! 😉

Much love

The Koala founders 🐨