Behavioural product experimentation platform

Lancey uses your product data to analyze out how users use your product and then suggests experiments, automatically.

Team Size:5
Location:Toronto, Canada

Active Founders

Adi Patel

CEO @ Lancey

Adi Patel
Adi Patel

Abhi Patel

Helping companies build great demos.

Abhi Patel
Abhi Patel

Company Launches

tl:dr: Lancey is an automated behavioral experimentation platform that analyzes your users and automatically suggests and launches micro-product growth experiments. Apply for early access if you’re interested in trying out Lancey before everyone else.

Hey everyone, Adi and Abhi here, founders of Lancey 👊🏻

If you’ve ever thought wouldn’t it be great if every user or cohort received its own personalized set of experiments based on their actions and traits then Lancey is for you.

🧨 Problem - As your product grows, users start becoming IDs instead of individuals, making it hard to understand if growth is on the right track.

If you’re working on a bottoms-up/product-led-growth (PLG) focused company you’ll spend a lot of time figuring out drop-off in funnels and doing everything you can to optimize that. This means getting more users activated and converted to drive higher retention. As you design experiments, they end up addressing your user base as a whole. Instead, the best experiments and growth initiatives are very segment-driven and tiny in nature.

This poses multiple problems:

  1. No way to figure out who needs to be targeted with which type of experiment
  2. A lot of effort to create hundreds of optimized experiments manually
  3. Stitching together multiple different tools to manage this

💡 Solution - Users never take the same path to convert — and Lancey makes sure they don’t need to.

Lancey is built just for this. We analyze your users, identify high-value experiments, and launch them for you on autopilot.

We surface exactly what type of experiment to launch based on previous behavior and automate the launch process by integrating with tools in your product stack.

B2C companies like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Duolingo have solved this as their scale of user base requires them to optimize each offer and experiment based on user preference. B2B companies are limited by the amount of data they have and tend to limit themselves to A/B testing. Lancey fixes the issue of not having a large sample size by generating unique cohorts and suggesting hyper-personalized micro-experiments for them.


  • What are micro-experiments
    • They are experiments designed to target a small cohort of users based on their properties and past behavior instead of just segmenting by their plan.
  • How does Lancey work
    • We ingest your product data from the data warehouse
    • Analyze your user behavior based on key actions
    • Generates cohort and suggests experiments automatically

Want access?

If this sounds like something you’re looking to solve, apply for early access and we’ll get you up and running as quickly as possible!