Build and manage your dream AI operations team.

Manaflow empowers operation managers to automate workflows involving data analysis, API calls, and business actions. With English, you can command Manaflow agents to execute recurring tasks and manage them on a spreadsheet interface.

Team Size:3
Location:Los Angeles, CA
Group Partner:Dalton Caldwell

Active Founders

Lawrence Chen, Founder

Co-founder of Manaflow / prev. Minion AI / Berkeley '24

Lawrence Chen
Lawrence Chen

Wesley Tjangnaka

Co-founder of Manaflow / Stanford CS

Wesley Tjangnaka
Wesley Tjangnaka

Austin Wang

Co-founder of Manaflow / previously Google, Yale, NASA JPL, & Chess.com / former President of Yale Undergraduate Consulting Group & YHack / featured on Business Insider & The Economist

Austin Wang
Austin Wang

Company Launches

🛎️ TL;DR

  • Manaflow empowers operation managers to automate workflows involving data analysis, API calls, and business actions.
  • You can command Manaflow agents in English to execute recurring tasks and manage them on a spreadsheet interface.
  • Think of us as an AI-first Zapier alternative but with natural language and spreadsheets.
  • Frustrated with repetitive manual tasks in your business? We’ll automate them all for you. Let’s chat.

🗂️ The Problem: Too much Excel, too much manual stuff, too much repetition

Are you tired of juggling countless Excel files and manual workflows for your business? Do these workflows prevent your business from scaling up?

After conducting over 250 calls, we've discovered a recurring problem: small-to-mid-sized businesses (SMBs) rely heavily on folders of Excel files and third-party apps to manually execute their day-to-day operations, which is time-consuming, error-prone, and a huge bottleneck to scaling.

For instance, in freight forwarders, operations include managing client communications, inventory oversight, and coordinating delivery schedules, most of which are done manually. These manual processes not only decelerate business growth but also heighten the risk of mistakes.

Today’s operation managers are blocked by a lack of technical knowledge, customization, and simplicity in current workflow automation builders.

💡 Introducing MANAFLOW: Automate operations workflows with AI

We are building Manaflow specifically for underdog SMBs to scale like their tech-enabled, big corporation counterparts, transforming manual spreadsheet and software tasks into automated end-to-end workflows.

The ideal way to execute workflows is not for a human to manually operate Excel sheets or interface with different software apps but for a human to merely click a button.

AI can own end-to-end technical workflows and convert them into features, while humans can oversee them, update them as the business evolves, and tackle higher-level automations. Let’s see this in action.

📕 Building a Basic Workflow on Manaflow

We’ll begin by building a fun, basic workflow on Manaflow to send payment reminders to clients via email.

Manaflow Demo: Building Sending Payment Reminders Workflow

Next, we’ll go into more specific examples of potential use cases for business customers.

📸 Manaflow Workflow #1: Watermark videos and send them to your clients via Gmail

One of our customers uses Manaflow to take in unpolished videos from Google Drive, process them, watermark them with their logo, and then email the final products to their clients — all in one click of a button.

Manaflow Demo: Watermarking Video Workflow

This has cut their 20-hour weekly manual workflow down to 20 minutes, and Manaflow has become a core part of their operations.

🛻 Manaflow Workflow #2: Find and email truckers for your shipment logistics

Another customer uses Manaflow to find and email local trucking companies based on the shipment origin and final destination.

Manaflow Demo: Finding Truckers for Logistics Workflow

This has allowed them to gather rate quotations faster for their clients and has reduced their manual operations by over 50%.

🙌 One more thing: Collaborate with all stakeholders, including us, to build automations

There are countless workflow automations that you can build on Manaflow. We understand that people have many different ideas and love working in teams. So, we made real-time collaboration so all of you can build and automate workflows together on Manaflow.

Partnering with us, you will also have 24/7 access to Manaflow’s engineering support staff.


Austin Wang: Yale Physics, CS & Econ; Prev. SWE @ Google, NASA JPL, Chess.com, ML @ Datacy
Lawrence Chen: Berkeley CS; Prev. Founding Eng @ Minion AI, Berkeley RISE Lab
Wesley Tjangnaka: Stanford Math & CS; Prev. Stanford AI Research, ML @ Juniper Networks

🙏 Our Ask

If you are or know any operation managers or businesses that run on spreadsheets, please let us know or schedule a time with us here. Any intros or shoutouts would be super awesome and greatly appreciated.

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