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One platform, one financial system of record, Store, search and encrypt your data, manage accounting and payments in one place.

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Gregory Gevorkyan

Building Modernbanc (W20) - a modern financial operations platform for companies.

Gregory Gevorkyan
Gregory Gevorkyan

Company Launches


We (Modernbanc) just launched our Encryption Vault API for developers. It allows you to securely collect, encrypt, process, and send sensitive data and achieve PCI/HIPAA or other compliance. Integrate multiple card payments processors and build unique journeys. Book a demo to learn more.


As companies we’re all busy building something customers want - sometimes it means working with and securing sensitive/secret data which can be a huge time and resource drain and derail your roadmap.

Sometimes a security or compliance breach can even kill your company!

Do you:

  • Work with card numbers and are worried about becoming subject to PCI compliance?
  • Need to store and protect customer data?
  • Need to solve a hard encryption/security issue?

If the answer to any of these is yes then we can help you!

Introducing Encryption Vault.

Modernbanc Vault helps you securely collect, store, process and send sensitive data and achieve compliance.

You can get started in 5 minutes and do the following:

  • Collect and encrypt data into the vault via our API proxy or by embedding our native SDKs.
  • Process it by deploying custom code onto Modernbanc Isolates - bullet-proof and secure environments.
  • Send this data to any API or a database.

It’s like wearing gloves - you have full control and can touch and manipulate your data with 0 exposure to your app or servers - it is magical!


You can use it to solve any security/encryption roadblocks but these use-cases would be most familiar:

  • Card/payments data:
    • Working with card numbers or exposing it to your app/server puts you at risk of becoming subject to PCI compliance.
    • With Modernbanc you can delegate most of your PCI scope to us and launch your product in minutes!
    • Compliantly build custom payments journeys including a smart-checkout or payment orchestration.
  • Customer and credentials data:
    • Show your customers and partners that you’re serious about their security by collecting and processing their data in bullet-proof encrypted environments.
  • Health data:
    • Tick-off the PHI data collection, encryption and processing requirements for HIPPA.


We offer exceptional support, consultation sessions and a 1-year 30% discount to first 10 companies that sign up through here (mention ‘YC Launch’ in the link below) with unlimited encrypt and decrypt operations.


  • Book a demo with us here and we’ll get you set up right away!
  • Follow us on Linkedin, Twitter and spread the word.