Nebullam (DBA Clayton Farms)

Nebullam (DBA Clayton Farms)

Indoor farms that grow directly for consumers.

Mission: Provide people with the food they deserve. We accomplish this mission by building farm+restaurants to serve the world's freshest salads, wraps, and smoothies.

Nebullam (DBA Clayton Farms)
Team Size:5
Location:Ames, IA

Active Founders

Clayton Mooney

On a mission to provide people with the food they deserve at Clayton Farms. I also 🏃🏻ultra marathons in the woods, coach 🥊 at Iowa State, and 🎨🖌️

Mahmoud Parto

Co-Founder and CEO at IoTFlows Inc

Mahmoud Parto
Mahmoud Parto
IoTFlows Inc

Danen Pool

CTO @ Nebullam

YC W19 Demo Day Video