Orbio Earth

Orbio Earth

Tracking methane emissions with satellites

Orbio uses satellite imagery to track methane emissions from the oil & gas industry. We sell the data to financial companies that want to invest into the best performing energy companies. Until today, oil & gas companies use excel-based emission factors to calculate and report their emissions. As these excel-based emission factors underestimate actual emissions by ~70%, the finance companies that invest into oil & gas can’t mitigate against incoming risks from new regulations, We have built a technology that can for the first time use satellite images to track methane from every single oil & gas facility on the planet, replacing emission factors and allowing finance companies to make the best bets on oil & gas companies that will withstand a wide avalanche of incoming regulation. In the summer 2023 our satellite-based technology got ranked #1 both in terms of accuracy and sensitivity of methane emission events by Stanford University in a peer-reviewed study, beating a range of multi-bn dollar competitors like Maxar. Learn more at https://orbio.earth

Orbio Earth
Team Size:8
Group Partner:Gustaf Alstromer

Active Founders

Robert Huppertz

Co-Founder Orbio Earth GmbH; Ex-ML Engineer NASA Harvest; Ex-Cervest

Robert Huppertz
Robert Huppertz
Orbio Earth

Jack Angela

Climate optimist building out product and commercial strategy @ Orbio Earth

Jack Angela
Jack Angela
Orbio Earth

Company Launches

tl;dr Orbio makes it easy for sustainability and risk professionals to identify large methane emission risks across global energy portfolios. If you’re interested in finding out more check out our website here, and feel free to book a product demo here!

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Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by our launch YC post. We are Rob and Jack and we are on a mission to power the low-carbon transition through methane monitoring.

💨 Why methane I hear you ask?

Methane emissions from the energy industry, if prevented would have the climate impact equivalent to taking all cars and trucks off the road globally. It is a short-lived pollutant, therefore stopping this gas getting to the atmosphere is one of the best levers we have in the climate change mitigation fight.

🚫 The Problem: Poor data on understanding where emissions occur

Existing data collection processes are manual, involving hand-held cameras on a site, expensive and not frequently available on all 12 million oil & gas assets globally. Poor data collection processes mean poor data.

Existing methane inventories under-represent methane emissions by around 70%. This is preventing sustainability and risk analysts from managing emissions in their global energy portfolios. Mismanagement of these emissions can lead to stock devaluations, stranded assets and increases global warming.

The solution: Global and frequent methane emissions data

Orbio helps sustainability and risk analysts identify where in their large energy portfolios the biggest methane emission risks are. Identifying previously unknown risks and doing this on a frequent basis gives these analysts the tools to effectively manage emission risks.

🤖 How it works: Processing non-methane emission satellite data

Orbio leverages the power of satellite data. We have developed an algorithm capable of processing data from satellites not previously designed to monitor methane emissions. Using these satellites enables us to deliver world-leading data across global scales, at an asset level (e.g. an oil well) and on a frequent basis.

Benchmarking assets, operators and countries on methane emission performance:

Mapping out where these methane emission risks lie in energy portfolios

💰 The opportunity: A growing market being pulled by new regulation

A sweep of regulation being introduced across the globe in 2023. This is putting pressure on the energy industry, financial professionals and insurers, totalling around 60,000 companies worldwide, to get a better understanding of what the associated emission risks in their energy portfolios.

🙏 Our ask: How you can help

  • Connect us with sustainability risk analysts in the energy, finance and insurance industries. Click here
  • We are hiring, if you know anyone on the marketing and commercial side we would love to have an intro! Click here