Manage capital, investors & banking in one place.

Owny provides businesses with a turn-key portal to issue Funds, SAFEs and Notes. Your portal is fully equipped to manage investors, treasury, multi-currency accounts and ability to send and request ACH/Wire payments globally. Optional features include seamless crypto custody and solutions through Coinbase Institutional.

Jobs at OWNY

Team Size:10
Location:Palo Alto
Group Partner:Michael Seibel

Active Founders

Umed Latifov

Umed has 18+ year experience in finance, private equity, banking regulation and infrastructure investments. He has a comprehensive background ranging from a startup CEO to managing multi-billion dollar energy generation, transmission and distribution projects. Most recently he was Vice Chair of Central Bank and then Vice Minister of Finance of Tajikistan where he was in charge of overhauling the countries payments infrastructure. Umed holds and MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Umed Latifov
Umed Latifov

Ola Wiberg, CTO

Entrepreneurial product focused engineer with more than twenty years of experience leading the product development lifecycle from ideation to full production releases of a number of products ranging from hardware products, embedded software solutions, web/mobile applications, distributed systems, and cloud applications.

Ola Wiberg
Ola Wiberg

Company Launches

We’re Umed and Ola from Owny and we just launched a product revamp for startups to manage capital and banking needs. We use AI for bank account creation, quick transactions, simplified onboarding and verification processes, and user-friendly management tools.

The Problem

Startups and PE/VC funds have to rely on multiple systems, PDF files, and manual processes to raise capital, manage investors, and handle payments. Bank accounts can take weeks if not months to create. These disconnected and inefficient methods are slow, costly, and prone to errors. In addition, the existing tools and technology used in this process were often manual and didn't seamlessly integrate across different systems.

Our Solution

OWNY is a platform that leverages AI tools and the latest technology to facilitate efficient capital management and payment flow. It offers quick transactions, simplified onboarding and verification processes, and user-friendly management tools to address challenges in the startup and private equity sectors. By utilizing AI and standardization, OWNY aims to streamline processes and enhance overall functionality.

Accounts typically get approved on the same day.

Companies can benefit by using OWNY’s ready to use & free tools to manage:

  • Raising SAFE capital - use ready-to-go YC SAFE templates to collect signatures and payments in minutes.
  • Foreign currency needs - OWNY enables you to hold balances in USD and 30 other major currencies.
  • FX payments - send and receive payments from anywhere in the world. We negotiated very hard to give our users the best FX rates. Let us know if you find a better FX rate and we will match it.
  • Treasury & Yield - simply click to transfer your cash to start earning up to 5.5% APY with the US-based systematically important banks. No lockups. $1 minimum. FDIC insured up to $175M.
  • PE/VC funds - launch a fund using our free standard templates or bring your own fund documents. Do it yourself for free.
  • Manage investors - send updates, run capital calls, and make distributions for any fund type. Free.

Want to give it a shot? Try it here: https://www.owny.com/signup

Who we are

Umed Latifov & Ola Wiberg have many years of experience in banking and technology. Notably, Ola was co-founder of Human API, which was recently acquired for 9+ figures. Umed has spent years in PE/VC investing and was Central Bank Governor for a country.

Please reach out if you have any questions: support+yc@owny.com