Your AI intern to automate repetitive tasks.

Paradigm is building AI agents that integrate with your existing tools and workflows to automate tasks. We think of these agents as able to handle the most repetitive parts of your work while iterating with your feedback, just like an intern would. We are starting by automating the most repetitive tasks surrounding lead generation, email outreach, research, and data collection. Paradigm integrates with hundreds of third-party data sources to find leads and make insights customers can’t get anywhere else, including event-based triggers on new incorporations and product launches. It then drafts bespoke emails for each lead that imitate your exact tone and style.

Team Size:2
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Surbhi Sarna

Active Founders

Anna Monaco

Co-Founder & CEO at Paradigm | Penn CS & Entrepreneurship

Anna Monaco
Anna Monaco

Claire Oxner

Co-Founder at Paradigm | Wharton Entrepreneurship & Penn CS

Claire Oxner
Claire Oxner

Company Launches

Hey everyone 👋 We’re Anna and Claire from Paradigm, and we are obsessed with building AI agents that complete your boring tasks. We think of these agents as able to handle the most repetitive parts of your work while iterating with your feedback, just like an intern would.

Excited to share a glimpse of our sales use cases!


Paradigm 10X’s your sales funnel by

  1. Getting hyper-specific leads for potential customers with active buying intent
  2. Writing them personalized emails that sound like they’re sent by you, not a robot
  3. Letting you approve and edit emails before sending them, or put it on autopilot
  4. Tracking what works by integrating with CRMs and spreadsheets, and providing tailored analytics

Check out our launch video!

Target ideal customers when they are ready to buy

Paradigm enables you to reach the most qualified leads, every time.

  • Reach out at the right time: Selling to startups? Whenever a new company incorporates, fundraises, or launches, our LLM-brained web crawlers get everything there is to know about the company and the team. We also support custom web-triggered events, such as job postings, quarterly reports, and more.
  • Filter out the noise: Use plain English to describe your ideal customer. This activates >100 filters from our >250 million contact database pulling from Apollo, LinkedIn, Google, and more.
  • Add your own leads: Upload existing leads from a spreadsheet or CRM for us to use as is or enrich them for you.

All leads are verified using multiple layers of bounce detection.

Send emails that sound like you, not like a robot

Automatically draft a tailored email for every lead, and make any edits before they’re sent on your behalf.

  • Personalization that makes sense: We pull from your existing email templates and add subtle but relevant personalization, just like you would manually. Our model combines what you’ve told it about yourself and your company with what it knows about the lead and their company to guarantee a response.
  • Make informed edits: Review emails side-by-side with the relevant data and sources we’ve collected about the lead, their background, and their company.
  • Designed for quantitive success: View metrics for each campaign and watch as your emails self-optimize over time.

We are constantly monitoring email health to ensure maximum deliverability rates.

Meet Anna and Claire

We (Anna and Claire) have been building together for the past 4 years after meeting in Penn’s infamous discrete math course. We started our first business together 2 weeks after the meeting, a software dev & design agency we bootstrapped to nearly seven figures in revenue.

We both studied CS and Entrepreneurship at UPenn and Wharton. Anna has worked as a SWE and PM at Google and Microsoft, as well as built and released a Bluetooth-based networking app for her previous startup. Claire has worked on multiple LLM-based products in the past including a semantically queryable 200MM item database and a data analysis tool for maintaining chronic heart conditions.

Ask us about the lengths we have gone to avoid boring tasks or tell us about yours so you can complain about them one last time!

Get priority access

Paradigm is currently in private beta, working closely with early customers. While our sales use cases are mostly built out, early users are experimenting with research, data labeling, recruitment, and more. We plan to give access to select companies in the next few weeks, so please sign up at tryparadigm.ai/waitlist or book a call.

We would particularly like to work with your company if:

  1. You want to use Paradigm first to drive internal sales and then to bring agent-based tech into other departments.
  2. You sell to startups and are interested in using our web-triggered events to capture buying intent first.

For more details, visit tryparadigm.ai and x.com/tryparadigm.

Thank you!

Anna and Claire