Team-based authentication for B2B SaaS

PropelAuth provides the right level of authentication for all stages of a company. New startups can use our hosted pre-built UIs which provide the simplest possible integration. Out of the box, our customers immediately have the same auth experience as large tech companies like Slack. As those startups grow, they can use our APIs and component libraries to pull aspects of the experience into their product. More than just authentication, we will also provide useful functions tied to a "user" or "organization", like analytics, billing/subscriptions, referral programs, etc.

Jobs at PropelAuth

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$120K - $150K
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3+ years
Team Size:6
Group Partner:Aaron Epstein

Active Founders

Andrew Israel

Andrew is the founder and CEO of PropelAuth. He has more than 10 years experience building software and leading teams for companies like Palantir, SafeGraph, and Clockwise. He first started writing code in the 6th grade. In his free time, you can find him playing chess or hiking with his dog.

Andrew Israel
Andrew Israel

Company Launches

Hi all! We’re the team at PropelAuth and we’re really excited today to launch User Insights!

What is PropelAuth?

PropelAuth makes it easy for B2B companies to start onboarding users quickly. A simple integration gets you everything you need, from signup and login pages to 2FA to invitation flows to Enterprise SSO.

In addition to that (as you’ll see in this launch), our goal is to also help you grow your business. We understand that building a product/company is incredibly challenging and we want to take as much off your plate as possible.


What problem is User Insights solving?

When we first started out a few years ago, all of our customers were other early stage startups.

As an early stage startup, the first thing you want to do is just get your product live immediately - get your MVP in front of users, get feedback, and hear if you are headed in the right direction or not.

Our role there is pretty straightforward - we need to provide the simplest authentication story possible to help our customers get in front of their users.

However, as our customers have grown in both number of MAUs and headcount, we’ve realized that they all tend to shift from “the most important thing is getting in front of people” to “how can we pour fuel on this fire?”

Put differently, it’s not enough to simply get users signed up - you need to know more about them.


What is User Insights?

With User Insights by PropelAuth, you can quickly get an understanding of:

  • Who your power users are
  • Which users and organizations are at risk for churn
  • Where your users are coming from
  • Which of your organizations are growing


💪 Identifying Power Users

Forming relationships with your power users is key to growth. They’re potential advocates, potential logos for your marketing site, and will likely have the best feedback for you about your product experience. Plus… they’re the most willing to pay if they’re not already!

If you’re curious about an individual users usage, we also provide a visualization on their user page, like this user who clearly is a big fan:

Or this user… who you might want to check in with:


⚠️ Proactively identifying Churn Risk

Speaking of proactively checking in with customers, we wanted to make that easier as well.

While it’s exciting to see your user count go up, that’s not the end of the work you have to do: you also have to make sure to retain as many of those users as possible.

With our Churn reports, you can easily see which of your users and organizations haven’t been active in your product for awhile:

We also provide re-engagement reports so you can see how your efforts are going to get these users back into your product.


🔍 Understanding where users came from

Understanding where your users are coming from is the easiest way to make sure your marketing efforts aren’t going to waste. Now, any URL query parameters that users have on sign up will be stored. You’ll be able to get both an aggregate report (see above) or take a look at a specific user’s profile page:


📈 See how quickly your customers are expanding

One of the most exciting moments for any B2B company is watching one of your customers onboard more employees to your product.

And keeping an eye on which of your organizations are growing quickly can make it easy to target efforts around upselling. The Organization Growth report lets you see that at a glance:

You can also quickly see which of your users is responsible for growth with the Top Inviters report. We recommend keeping in touch with these users - they’re your biggest advocates!


And more…

There are also more reports to discover, charts to visualize how you are doing, and stats to see how this month compares to previous months. We’re also working on a few integrations so you can sync this data to your own analytics platform for even deeper analysis.


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